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Posted by: Johann
« on: July 29, 2019, 11:34:22 AM »

[Q&A] Relation of Mental illness, causes, & apaya realms (hellish, low state)?

Once someone, seeing that especially in "good" modern world mental illness is very common, asked of what might be the reasons, effects...:

It's not so conductive to try to figure out the line of Kamma, and such leads one to get crazy, as the Buddha told.

Good to know or accept, that phenomenas have causes, and unpleasant by previous and current unskillful deeds. It's clear that such "illness" will strongly increase in so called "secure" sociaties.

And as for the results of taking life... holding wrong view, he will feel them either right here & now, or in the next [lifetime], or following that. mn 136

Just think how many following such today, listen to people teaching such even here:

- Namo tassa bhagavato arahato sammā-sambuddhassa -

"Face to face with Gotama the contemplative have I heard this, face to face have I learned this: 'Bodily action is barren, verbal action is barren, only mental action is true. And there is an attainment in which, on being attained, nothing is felt.'"

"Don't say that, friend. Don't slander the Blessed One. For it's not good to slander the Blessed One; the Blessed One would not say that: 'Bodily action is barren, verbal action is barren, only mental action is true.' But there is, friend, an attainment in which, on being attained, nothing is felt."

Think about the big branch of cheaters all around and those acting on their account, especially in this realm, mental illness, the trade around it,and their psychiatrics... once living on them, once serving the others... bound are they together.

The best to beginn, if setting mind out to ways of liberation, is taking the full medicine as given by the Buddha: The Healing Power of the Precepts , and once established with firm convidence in the Tripple Gems, one virtue without spots, nothing is there which can really trouble the mind to low states.

There having been "crazy" people also at the Buddhas time who gained even Arahatship.

Wrong view, wrong ways of thinging, association with people of wrong view and acting on accord of this, is the cause of mental illness, the cause of realms of devastation, poorness, anxiety.

Approaching and associating with wise, with those of right view, bending ones ways of thinking according to their advices and act on this accord is the cause of good realms and even Unbinding, in the here and now.

Beings bound to those of wrong view, avoiding those with firm confidence and knowledge of the Buddhas way to really heal dis-ease, who aside they by themselves could help them to work on the liberation of their bounds?

So your turn. Beginning not to nurish and keep those with illness, those weaker, for ones personal gains, not harming, eating on them and turn to that of which is excalted, above, is the first step.