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Posted by: Johann
« on: March 09, 2014, 06:30:57 PM »


Illustrated Book on Koans

made and kindly shared as a Dhamma-Dana gift for free (E-book or pdf or online), dedicated for everybody by Jura (Originaly here )

You may visit his website and receive his gift:

I have spent the last few years fascinated by Koans, Zen Buddhism and collecting Buddhist books. Many Koans and Zen quotations seem, at first, pointless. However, they have a habit of drifting back into your mind and forcing you to think in a new way. I have learnt to stop trying to make sense of them and now allow them to be formless and not deeply analytical. I just meditate upon them without engaging logic. This has led me to start using them as a starting point for painting. My response is now a form of non representational thinking. The paintings are a simple emotional response, and like the Koan, do not demand an explanation. They are what they are. I realise I should not be influencing anyones response to a Koan, but maybe my paintings show that their influence need only be a mood or feeling, captured in my case by a colour.
Best wishes

A collection of Koans, illustrated by Jura. These Zen and Buddhist spiritual stories are thought provoking and open to many interpretations. They were used by Buddhist teachers and passed down over the centuries. There is no fixed meaning to each Koan, the reader can just absorb the story and contemplate. The illustrations are a personal response and show how that response can be purely emotional or formless. There is no need for a specific conclusion or reaction. They just are what they are.

Please download the free E-Book. There is the option to buy a high quality hard copy version at just over cost price.


You find also the pictures in high resolution as Dhamma gifts on his website:



You may download it also in our library: [English]Koans illustraded by Jura , if you visit Jura on facebook and meet him, please tell him a big Sadhu! and thanks, that it was possible to come till here. Thanks!