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2020 May 28 19:24:28
Johann: Sadhu

2020 May 28 18:32:00
Moritz: Upgrade to SMF 2.0.17 has been completed. Everything running smooth for everybody?

2020 May 23 06:43:43
Cheav Villa: _/\_  _/\_ _/\_

2020 May 22 21:09:34
Johann: May all still continue to spend a blessed New moon Uposatha till break on of a new day (of course good to continue without break). Mudita

2020 May 21 20:16:55
Cheav Villa: _/\_  _/\_ _/\_

2020 May 21 19:30:50
Johann: Nothing more a blessing as to do not cling to a specific Nikaya, since one can easy take the opportunity of doing theUposatha often two days a new. May all always make the best of given possibilities.

2020 May 20 21:19:41
Johann: Sadhu

2020 May 20 20:44:31
Cheav Villa: May Bhante get well soon.  _/\_ _/\_ _/\_

2020 May 20 20:43:13
Cheav Villa: Vandami Bhante _/\_ _/\_  _/\_

2020 May 18 14:55:14
Cheav Villa: Vandami Bhante _/\_ _/\_  _/\_

2020 May 18 12:17:04
Khemakumara: Upāsikā

2020 May 17 21:21:28
Johann: Nyom Sophorn

2020 May 17 07:36:11
Cheav Villa: Vandami Bhante _/\_ _/\_  _/\_

2020 May 17 07:14:16
Khemakumara: Upāsikā

2020 May 17 06:01:03
Khemakumara:  _/\_ _/\_ _/\_ Bhante

2020 May 16 20:42:01
Johann: Bhante

2020 May 15 20:13:51
Cheav Villa: Sadhu Sadhu Sadhu _/\_ _/\_ _/\_

2020 May 15 19:17:25
Johann: A blessed Siladay ending for those who keep(ed) it today.

2020 May 14 09:09:08
Cheav Villa: _/\_  _/\_ _/\_

2020 May 14 06:17:12
Johann: A bl3ssed Sila-day those observing it today.

2020 May 12 21:00:24
Cheav Villa: Sadhu Sadhu Sadhu _/\_ _/\_ _/\_

2020 May 12 19:10:56
Johann: May no one ever, even a moment, forget: "Sole dominion over the earth, going to heaven, lordship over all worlds:    the fruit of stream-entry    excels them."

2020 May 10 15:27:11
Depabhasadhamma: Thank you Johann

2020 May 10 15:26:00
Johann: "stand", taking, holding a stand makes it possible more understandable and fits better to it.

2020 May 10 15:24:35
Johann: Welcome Depabasadhamma, Atma will open a topic on it.

2020 May 10 15:04:51
Depabhasadhamma: I am in need of assistance. I am writing a paper about the Three Marks of Existence. I understand the three marks, however, I am befuddled by the meaning and use of the word "existence." Is this English word the translation of the Pali word thiti? Does the word "existence" imply life, living, consci

2020 May 09 21:15:38
Cheav Villa: _/\_  _/\_ _/\_ :)

2020 May 09 20:48:57
Johann: Apsara in Pali: accharā, translation actually "A Whoo!"

2020 May 09 20:45:38
Johann: "...“Then take joy, Nanda. Take joy! I am your guarantor for getting 500 dove-footed nymphs.”..."

2020 May 09 20:45:17
Johann: "“What do you think, Nanda? Which is lovelier, better looking, more charming: the Sakyan girl, the envy of the countryside, or these 500 dove-footed nymphs?”..."

2020 May 09 20:43:26
Johann: There was a Bhikkhu "who got an email from an ex-co-dweller" and thought he will return to lower life, Nyom: Nanda Sutta

2020 May 09 20:35:41
Johann: It's actually just about the clothes, since his livemode is already a great Samaneras one.

2020 May 09 20:33:48
Cheav Villa: Bhante _/\_ _/\_  _/\_ I kana never heard about the Bhuddha promised..  _/\_ _/\_ _/\_

2020 May 09 20:33:17
Johann: Till end of Vassa maybe?

2020 May 09 20:25:18
Cheav Villa: Master Moritz _/\_ Should try an ordination which in 7days.  _/\_ :)

2020 May 09 20:16:21
Johann: Apsara (dove feet Devatas).

2020 May 09 20:13:19
Johann: Temporary ordination is pretty normal, 3 days, a month, a Vassa... and not to forget that the Buddha promised union with the Asparas, which are beyond being compareable to others...

2020 May 09 19:25:54
Moritz: No no, I really prefer to be a householder, even though not having a house at the moment. I am not much inclined towards nekkhamma...  ^-^
... even though already doing some nekkhamma now, but not hoping to do so for the long term....

2020 May 09 19:24:05
Moritz: Bang Villa _/\_

2020 May 09 19:08:20
Cheav Villa: _/\_  _/\_ _/\_

2020 May 09 19:00:58
Johann: When not working he is already used to where his beige light clean cloth, morning, noon, evening and already good organized.

2020 May 09 18:52:05
Cheav Villa: Kana Bhante _/\_ _/\_ _/\_ :)

2020 May 09 18:39:04
Johann: Nyom has his working dress and his light formal dress. White he might have possible to much troubles, so better to convince him toward robes.  :)

2020 May 09 17:38:39
Cheav Villa: Vandami Bhante _/\_ _/\_  _/\_ Master Moritz should wear white clothes.  _/\_ _/\_ _/\_ :)

2020 May 07 15:18:07
Cheav Villa: _/\_  _/\_ _/\_

2020 May 07 10:33:24
Johann: Householder clothes are really no more proper for Upasaka Khemadasa.... good to take him fear of the robes

2020 May 07 10:21:10
Khemakumara: Upāsikā

2020 May 07 10:19:33
Cheav Villa: Vandami Bhante _/\_ _/\_  _/\_

2020 May 07 06:02:32
Cheav Villa: Sadhu Sadhu Sadhu _/\_ _/\_ _/\_

2020 May 07 05:46:38
Johann: Sadhu

2020 May 07 03:25:02
Khemakumara: May it be a path-and fruitful vesak Uposatha

2020 May 06 16:07:14
Cheav Villa: Sadhu Sadhu Sadhu _/\_ _/\_ _/\_

2020 May 06 16:02:35
Johann: A blessed Vesaka Puja all, today and tomorrow, in reflection the goodness and qualities of the Sublime Buddha.

2020 May 04 21:25:10
Johann: followed by another overload by huawei-search engines... fixed

2020 May 04 20:31:45
Cheav Villa: _/\_  _/\_ _/\_

2020 May 04 20:25:53
Johann: A MS search engine (Bing) had overloaded the server capacity and might had caused the page not to be reached, but a cave-programmer quickly solved the issue, becoming aware of it. Sadhu

2020 May 03 21:13:46
Cheav Villa: Vandami Bhante Ariyadhammika _/\_ _/\_ _/\_

2020 May 03 20:32:57
Cheav Villa: _/\_  _/\_ _/\_

2020 May 03 19:15:52
Johann: Sokh chomreoun, Nyom.

2020 May 03 15:01:43
Cheav Villa: Vandami Bhante _/\_ _/\_  _/\_

2020 May 03 12:53:08
Cheav Villa: Master Moritz _/\_

2020 May 03 12:07:17
Moritz: Bang Villa _/\_

2020 May 03 12:00:57
Cheav Villa: _/\_  _/\_ _/\_

2020 May 03 09:39:36
Johann: ...and the snake hunts the mice...

2020 May 03 09:11:20
Johann: Dwelling like Devas under Devas, peaceful, respectful, careful, harmless

2020 Apr 30 10:05:08
Cheav Villa: Sadhu Sadhu Sadhu _/\_ _/\_ _/\_

2020 Apr 29 21:15:43
Moritz: _/\_ _/\_ _/\_

2020 Apr 29 21:08:53
Johann: May all spend a meritful end of Sila-day, those who taking on it today, and maybe continue with those doing so tomorrow.

2020 Apr 29 20:09:39
Johann: Nyom Villa

2020 Apr 29 20:07:29
Cheav Villa: Vandami Bhante _/\_ _/\_  _/\_

2020 Apr 26 20:26:31
Johann: Nyom Moritz, Nyom Villa

2020 Apr 26 20:23:57
Cheav Villa: and Master Moritz _/\_

2020 Apr 26 20:23:33
Cheav Villa: Vandami Bhante _/\_ _/\_  _/\_

2020 Apr 26 19:56:30
Moritz: Bang Villa _/\_

2020 Apr 26 19:56:25
Moritz: Vandami Bhante _/\_ _/\_ _/\_

2020 Apr 26 08:18:19
Cheav Villa: _/\_  _/\_ _/\_

2020 Apr 26 07:18:02
Johann: Ādīnava , អដីនវ, As one of ten perceptions: AN 10.60

2020 Apr 26 07:09:32
Johann: May Dukkha be visible for all, so to stay on the path  that leads beyond and liberation.

2020 Apr 25 16:57:34
Cheav Villa: Vandami Bhante _/\_ _/\_  _/\_

2020 Apr 25 15:54:00
Khemakumara: Upāsikā

2020 Apr 23 18:41:59
Johann: Sadhu for care to report and assist

2020 Apr 23 18:39:44
Cheav Villa: Vandami Bhante _/\_ _/\_  _/\_ I kana now not get notification.  _/\_ _/\_ _/\_

2020 Apr 23 15:04:07
Cheav Villa: Vandami Bhante _/\_ _/\_  _/\_

2020 Apr 23 13:45:57
Khemakumara: Upāsikā

2020 Apr 22 11:17:56
Johann: Sadhu, Sadhu

2020 Apr 22 06:38:01
Cheav Villa: Sadhu Sadhu Sadhu _/\_ _/\_ _/\_ :)

2020 Apr 22 05:45:37
Khemakumara: karuṇā, corona? which one prefers?   may it a fruit- and pathful Uposatha!

2020 Apr 21 19:53:51
Johann: If Nyom likes to use Atmas tablet and Sim, just pick it up at any time.

2020 Apr 21 19:49:09
Moritz: Smart connection works well.

2020 Apr 21 19:48:53
Moritz: _/\_ _/\_ _/\_ Bhante, mobile hotspot from the cave does not really reach well here. So can be turned off. Thank you. _/\_ _/\_ _/\_

2020 Apr 21 19:48:12
Johann: Making posts work for Nyom without errors?

2020 Apr 21 19:47:18
Cheav Villa: Kana Bhante _/\_ _/\_ _/\_

2020 Apr 21 19:22:08
Johann: So email does not work? Shoutbox sometimes needs longer because of internet connection. Sadhu for feedback.

2020 Apr 21 18:41:22
Cheav Villa: I kana still did not get the notification beceuse of new password. and shout have to write two times.   _/\_ _/\_ _/\_ _/\_ _/\_

2020 Apr 21 18:25:13
Johann: Please let it be know if you meet similar issue.

2020 Apr 21 18:24:37
Johann: It seems as posting is not possible because of errors currently. Nyom Moritz is informed via email.

2020 Apr 21 17:15:42
Cheav Villa: Sadhu Sadhu Sadhu _/\_ _/\_ _/\_

2020 Apr 21 17:02:42
Johann:  May all who observe the Uposatha today have had a blissful undertaking seen by doing so!

2020 Apr 20 20:59:39
Johann: (gave should be grave/gross)

2020 Apr 20 20:58:39
Johann: "We" = no peace at first place. But doing than for oneself and with it share to all others, that is possible, no we (= gave sakkayaditthi, the idea od we)

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Author Topic: Peace Through Wealth - The corrupted Dhamma Wheel - Friede durch Wohlstand  (Read 3319 times)

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Online Johann

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  • Date of ordination/Datum der Ordination.: 20140527
Peace Through Wealth - The corrupted Dhamma Wheel

Today, coming along with the desire for Wellness - Buddhism, there is a tendency to adopt ways of the already corrupted Sangha in most south east Asian countries.

Especially in Anglo American countries this kind of misusing the Dhamma for material development has found already firm root in the Buddhist society.

Actually nothing else as a materialistic view (like pointed out by the Buddha as well), this interpretations fit very well to the today's shameless tendencies to make a virtue out of incapacity in regard of the right intention of "renunciation".

It is actually amazing how advocacy (they are not out of reason advocates of such views) pick out even texts of the Buddhas teaching to promote their disability as a method for the welfare of all. Of course with success and even the monks and nuns are not able to raise a proper question as they are deeply ensnared in this corrupted system. They have limited their sphere of action through many violations of virtue already to much.

Heute gibt es eine starke Tendenz, die Wege der bereits korrupten Sangha wie in den meisten Südostasiatischen Ländern, aus Verlangen nach Wellnessbuddhismus zu übernehmen.

Periodically, throughout the history of Buddhism, the economy of gifts has broken down, usually when one side or the other gets fixated on the tangible side of the exchange and forgets the qualities of the heart that are its reason for being. And periodically it has been revived when people are sensitive to its rewards in terms of the living Dhamma. By its very nature, the economy of gifts is something of a hothouse creation that requires careful nurture and a sensitive discernment of its benefits. I find it amazing that such an economy has lasted for more than 2,600 years. It will never be more than an alternative to the dominant monetary economy, largely because its rewards are so intangible and require so much patience, trust, and discipline in order to be appreciated. Those who demand immediate return for specific services and goods will always require a monetary system. Sincere Buddhist lay people, however, have the chance to play an amphibious role, engaging in the monetary economy in order to maintain their livelihood, and contributing to the economy of gifts whenever they feel so inclined. In this way they can maintain direct contact with teachers, insuring the best possible instruction for their own practice, in an atmosphere where mutual compassion and concern are the medium of exchange; and purity of heart, the bottom line.

What has actually started maybe as a well meant trickiness "you need to catch them first with pleasant things", a kind of way that is mostly used by the follower of the "geart vehicle", has already taken over the Sangha of the "small vehicle" as well (like common usual in Soth East Asia since about 100 years as well)

Somehow it remembers much on the Trojan horse.

Anglo American people share much attitude like modern Thai people for example. The raga and saddha carita is very widespread and so they are easy "victims" of such misinterpretations.

What are you views? Do you think that it will change again soon, or will this tendency overwhelm the good Dhamma to an extend that it will be hidden for a long time?

Friede durch Wohlstand - Das korrupte Dhamma Rad

Speziell in den Angloamerikanischen Ländern ist der Missbrauch des Dhammas zum Nutzen von materiellen Errungenschaften bereits stark verwurzelt in der "buddhistischen" Gesellschaft.

Letzlich nichts anderes als eine Materialistische Ansicht (wie sie auch schon von Buddha aufgezeigt wurde), passt diese Interpretation wunder bar zu der Schamlosen Tendenz aus einem Unvermögen eine Tugend zu machen. Es ist dies das Unvermögen von "Entsagung" als eine der drei rechten Absichten.

Es ist auf der anderen Seite faszinierend, wie sich Vertreter (die ja nicht ohne Grund Vertreter dieser Sichweisen sind) sich auch Texte aus den alten Schriften herauspicken um ihr Unvermögen als etwas darzustellen, daß zum Wohler aller sein sollte. Sicherlich mit Erfolg, und selbst Mönchen und Nonnen ist es nicht möglich hier eine klare Stimme zu erheben, da sie tief in dieser korrupte System verwickelt sind und sich meist bereits mit zahlreichen Vergehen ihren Aktionsrahmen zugeschnürt haben.

In der Geschichte des Buddhismus, brach die Ökonomie des Gebens zeitweilig ab; meist wenn die eine oder andere Seite zu fixiert an der materiellen Seite des Austausches wurde und auf die Qualitäten des Herzens, die der Grund dafür waren, vergaß. Und zeitweilig wurde sie, wenn Menschen sensitiv gegenüber den Belohnungen im Sinne des gelebten Dhammas wurden, belebt. In seiner Natur ist die Ökonomie des Gebens ähnlich einer Treibhauskultur, welche achtsame Pflege und ein sensitives Einsichtsvermögen benötigt. Ich finde es erstaunlich, dass sich so eine Ökonomie für mehr als 2600 Jahre gehalten hat. Sie wird niemals mehr als eine Alternative zur finanziellen Ökonomie sein, hauptsächlich weil ihr Nutzen nur schwer sichtbar und begreiflich ist und viel Geduld, Vertrauen und Disziplin erfordern um geschätzt werden zu können. Jene die umgehenden Bedarf einer Vergütung für spezielle Dienste und Güter erwarten, werden immer ein marktwirtschaftliches System beanspruchen. Aufrichtige buddhistische Laien haben, wie auch immer, die Gelegenheit eine amphibische Rolle zu spielen: verbunden mit der marktwirtschaftlichen Ökonomie um ihren Lebensunterhalt zu verdienen und an der Ökonomie des Gebens teilnehmend wenn immer sie sich dazu geneigt fühlen. In dieser Weise können sie direkten Kontakt mit ihren Lehrern aufrecht erhalten, versichert, dass sie die best mögliche Anleitung zu ihrer Praxis, in einer Atmosphäre in der gegenseitiges Mitgefühls und Interesse das Medium des Austausches sind, bekommen; wie auch Reinheit des Herzens, als Endresultat.

Was vielleicht als eine gut gemeinte Hinterlistigkeit "du mußt sie zuerst mit etwas nach dem sie gieren, fangen" begonnen hat, eine Weg der sehr verbreitet unter den Anhängern des "Großen Wagens" ist, hat nun auch die Sangha des "kleinen Wagens" eingenommen (wie es seit etwas 100 Jahren in Südostasien durchaus schon alltäglich ist)

In gewisser Weise erinnert dies an ein Trojanischen Pferd.

Angloamerikanische Leute teilen viele Gemeinsamkeiten von z.B. modernen thailändischen Menschen. Das raga (Gier) und saddha (Gläubig) carita (Charakter/Tendenz) ist hier sehr weit verbreitet und so sind sie leichte "Opfer" von solchen Missinterpretationen.

Wie sehen Sie das? Denken Sie, daß sich das sich dies doch noch zu einem guten Wenden wird, oder wird diese Tendenz das gute Dhamma und die Vianya in einem Grad überwältigen, daß es für lange Zeit für viele nicht mehr sichtbar sein wird?

This post and Content has come to be by Dhamma-Dana and so is given as it       Dhamma-Dana: Johann

Online Johann

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Because it is important and not for the sake of anything else.

There are people who are attached to wealth, status and gain and they will find similar monks, there are some many for sale.

Actually I had put all that stuff down, but it is that all rebukes did not help and it seams that less have the possibility to tell such open and with the fear of lose. So I just keep on warning those who are open to understand the danger of corruption and the present network of Bahma(ns) and their advocates, especially form Australians worldly undertakings and teacher of the uposatha of the cowards and jains.

After the story attached as pdf, countless banner of members who criticised his aproaches, here another item of our dhamma chess player and landlord.

Some round cushions I found in a local store shaped sort of like zafus, so purchased them for the meditation hall.

Of course he is associated with monks for sale and he encourages people to steal or like he said "Copyright information, we follow this smart monk's advice:". You can guess who this smart monk is... many content form the side is misused in a way that there is not even a link or comment to the source. He was informed by me, but you know how it is. So there is no different way, as to speak aloud.

That is how he presents him on his pages:


David N. Snyder was born in an apartment in Kaiserslautern, Germany while his mother slept and his father was away on military maneuvers. His mother literally slept through the labor process as there was no pain to her. The Buddha was born in a similar way and the Suttas report that all samma-sam-buddhas (enlightened Buddhas who teach the masses, the next one being Metteyya who currently resides in the Tusita heaven waiting for when the Dhamma dies out in some distant future time) are born with no pain to the mother. The birth year was the (Chinese) year of the Tiger (famous in Buddhist lands as the tiger is known for independence and is on some Buddhist flags). The birth date of David N. Snyder was also an important religious day, known as Uposatha, being the New Moon Day of the month in which he was born (on Uposatha days many Buddhists go to the temple for meditation and for renewing the Precepts). Tibetan lamas (high ranking monks/teachers) have often looked for people with such birth events for locating the rebirth of famous Rinpoches (gurus, teachers) of the past. See: Tenzin Osel Rinpoche. Dr. Snyder makes no claim to being fully enlightened or to being any famous guru, reborn. The birth-event may simply shed some light on his future role and possible kammic fate as a Dhamma teacher in this life.


David Snyder was born on a U.S. Army base in Germany to Jewish American parents, stationed there with the U.S. Army. He is part of a large segment of non-Asian convert Buddhists commonly known as JuBu (pronounced Jew-boos), meaning Buddhists of Jewish heritage.

After earning a Ph.D. from The University of Texas at Arlington in 1989, he taught sociology at Tarrant County College. Later he worked for the U.S. Department of Justice, Federal Bureau of Prisons. Before working for the Federal Bureau of Prisons, he had to attend the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (police academy for federal law enforcement positions). He graduated with honors in marksmanship and martial arts. He left government service to pursue real estate investments and management which he also used to open Buddhist centers in Colorado and Nevada. A former correspondence chess champion[3] he has invented a chess variant known as D-Chess.

The Ven. Madawela Punnaji, M.D., wrote the Foreword to his bestselling book, The Complete Book of Buddha's Lists -- Explained.

Maha Bodhi Las Vegas

Dr. Snyder and his wife had a 37 foot high (11.3m) Maha Bodhi Temple replica built on the grounds of their home where they run Dhamma programs. Several Buddhist monks and nuns have led programs at Maha Bodhi Las Vegas, including Ajahn Brahm in 2012.

He is an advocate of weapons and a weapon carrier, a chess player and friend of games for a worldly aim and victory, he does not hesitate to call him self a capitalist, he is associated with all current popular and secular branches and monks and nuns.

People who criticize his ways are usually banned or their topic closed. Some topics are still alive others have been disappeared. There is a lot of scarify in "gratitude". A member once asked why he tells the reincarnation, for example. Topics against weapon and so called compassionate killing are usually closed. Topics criticizing social activity of monks, are closed usually. Topics which raise the position of the Sangha in regard of Bhikkhuni ordination are usually closed or well designed. Like this:  Bhikkhuni Ordination performed - by Ajahn Brahmavamso . I would estimate, form my experience and observation that about 30% of posts are censured and deleted, especially if they are critical or against the secular stream of DW.

Even through it is nice to see that people ordinate, I guess the story tells much...

Some month after ordination, see more on Black jack dealer to Bhikkhu

It is really not that this is a exception and actually its the Dhamma wheel generally today. It should show you the situation of weak people, becoming ordained and at least are chess figures of landlord without that they even understand and not even when you tell them to keep distance, they are dependent as they have a "higher" purpose.

At least, I like to remember on the words of Ajahn Mun, very true words and in accordiance with the Dhamma, that is what you should bare in heart. Maya is really tricky.

The Lord Buddha taught that his Dhamma, when placed in the heart of an ordinary run-of-the-mill person, is bound to be thoroughly corrupted, but if placed in the heart of a Noble One, it is bound to be genuinely pure & authentic, something that at the same time can be neither effaced nor obscured.

So as long as we are devoting ourselves merely to the theoretical study of the Dhamma, it can't serve us well. Only when we have trained our hearts to eliminate their 'chameleons' — their defilements — will it benefit us in full measure. And only then will the true Dhamma be kept pure, free from distortions & deviations from its original principles.

— Phra Ajān Mun Bhūridatto

The practice of the Dhamma in keeping with the Dhamma that he gave with utter compassion unequalled by that of anyone else in the world: This is the true homage to the Buddha. The seeing of the truth that lies within you, using discernment step by step at all times: This is the seeing of the Buddha step by step. The seeing of the truth with the full heart using discernment: This is the seeing of the Buddha in full. The true Buddha, the true Dhamma, lie with the heart. To attend to your own heart is to attend to the Buddha. To watch over your own heart with mindfulness & discernment is to see the Buddha, Dhamma, & Saṅgha in a genuine way.

— Phra Ajān Maha Boowa Ñāṇasampanno

Appamada, avuso appamada!

Its not for the purpose to damage, its for the support of people and to wake them up, so that they take care of each other and not just assemble for their certain selfish reasons and entertaining (subsistence) purposes.

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To get some expressions of this force:

In another thread it was written:

Spiny Norman wrote:And of course western Buddhism is developing it's own cultural baggage!

(Bhikkhu) appicchato wrote:In spades...

tiltbillings wrote:For example?

And no one responded about that after that. So I thought it might be interesting to examine some of the Western cultural baggage (or not?) We'll see if this is a good idea or not. :tongue:

I'll get it started with some possibilities and you can add any additional or of course disagree.

1. Less interest in rites, rituals, and ceremonies. This attachment is a hindrance to the Path to awakening (sīlabbata-parāmāso), so perhaps a useful cultural item. Many in the west came to Buddhism out of skepticism and wanting something beyond traditional rites and ceremonies, so perhaps a positive development.

2. Mindfulness meditation for stress-relief, self-help. Perhaps a good skillful means, but it could lead to the practice being relegated to a self-help exercise or a fad and then never take root as a religion in the West.

3. Rebirth as irrelevant, not necessary to the practice or for being Buddhist in the West. The suttas are permeated with discussion of rebirth . . . here I was this person, this was my name, my family, etc. Or perhaps a skillful means as well to allow more people access to the Dhamma and out of suffering who otherwise may not have been interested, feeling that rebirth belief is "too religious" or traditional.

4. Left-wing politics, left of center or socialist. During the time of the Buddha there were several rich merchants who gave land and built monasteries to the Sangha and the Buddha never condemned their acquisition of wealth. On the other hand, left of center politics seems compatible with less attachments, compassion, and generosity.

Personally, I see numbers 1 and 4 as mostly positive developments. Even though I am a capitalist, by U.S. standards I am left-wing since I am anti-war and support health care for all and nationalized utilities, including big oil. Numbers 2 and 3 I think could potentially make the Dhamma a fad, possibly a passing fad like Kabbalah and some other movements which lost a lot of steam.

Thoughts? Additional ones? Disagree?

"nice" thread to follow...

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Scale the Strat race was yesterday in Las Vegas. Finished in 13:59 for the 1455 steps, 108 floors. 16th place in age division; oh well, looks like I'm much better at the mental "sports" of chess and pistol shooting.
This post and Content has come to be by Dhamma-Dana and so is given as it       Dhamma-Dana: Johann