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2020 May 23 06:43:43
Cheav Villa: _/\_  _/\_ _/\_

2020 May 22 21:09:34
Johann: May all still continue to spend a blessed New moon Uposatha till break on of a new day (of course good to continue without break). Mudita

2020 May 21 20:16:55
Cheav Villa: _/\_  _/\_ _/\_

2020 May 21 19:30:50
Johann: Nothing more a blessing as to do not cling to a specific Nikaya, since one can easy take the opportunity of doing theUposatha often two days a new. May all always make the best of given possibilities.

2020 May 20 21:19:41
Johann: Sadhu

2020 May 20 20:44:31
Cheav Villa: May Bhante get well soon.  _/\_ _/\_ _/\_

2020 May 20 20:43:13
Cheav Villa: Vandami Bhante _/\_ _/\_  _/\_

2020 May 18 14:55:14
Cheav Villa: Vandami Bhante _/\_ _/\_  _/\_

2020 May 18 12:17:04
Khemakumara: Upāsikā

2020 May 17 21:21:28
Johann: Nyom Sophorn

2020 May 17 07:36:11
Cheav Villa: Vandami Bhante _/\_ _/\_  _/\_

2020 May 17 07:14:16
Khemakumara: Upāsikā

2020 May 17 06:01:03
Khemakumara:  _/\_ _/\_ _/\_ Bhante

2020 May 16 20:42:01
Johann: Bhante

2020 May 15 20:13:51
Cheav Villa: Sadhu Sadhu Sadhu _/\_ _/\_ _/\_

2020 May 15 19:17:25
Johann: A blessed Siladay ending for those who keep(ed) it today.

2020 May 14 09:09:08
Cheav Villa: _/\_  _/\_ _/\_

2020 May 14 06:17:12
Johann: A bl3ssed Sila-day those observing it today.

2020 May 12 21:00:24
Cheav Villa: Sadhu Sadhu Sadhu _/\_ _/\_ _/\_

2020 May 12 19:10:56
Johann: May no one ever, even a moment, forget: "Sole dominion over the earth, going to heaven, lordship over all worlds:    the fruit of stream-entry    excels them."

2020 May 10 15:27:11
Depabhasadhamma: Thank you Johann

2020 May 10 15:26:00
Johann: "stand", taking, holding a stand makes it possible more understandable and fits better to it.

2020 May 10 15:24:35
Johann: Welcome Depabasadhamma, Atma will open a topic on it.

2020 May 10 15:04:51
Depabhasadhamma: I am in need of assistance. I am writing a paper about the Three Marks of Existence. I understand the three marks, however, I am befuddled by the meaning and use of the word "existence." Is this English word the translation of the Pali word thiti? Does the word "existence" imply life, living, consci

2020 May 09 21:15:38
Cheav Villa: _/\_  _/\_ _/\_ :)

2020 May 09 20:48:57
Johann: Apsara in Pali: accharā, translation actually "A Whoo!"

2020 May 09 20:45:38
Johann: "...“Then take joy, Nanda. Take joy! I am your guarantor for getting 500 dove-footed nymphs.”..."

2020 May 09 20:45:17
Johann: "“What do you think, Nanda? Which is lovelier, better looking, more charming: the Sakyan girl, the envy of the countryside, or these 500 dove-footed nymphs?”..."

2020 May 09 20:43:26
Johann: There was a Bhikkhu "who got an email from an ex-co-dweller" and thought he will return to lower life, Nyom: Nanda Sutta

2020 May 09 20:35:41
Johann: It's actually just about the clothes, since his livemode is already a great Samaneras one.

2020 May 09 20:33:48
Cheav Villa: Bhante _/\_ _/\_  _/\_ I kana never heard about the Bhuddha promised..  _/\_ _/\_ _/\_

2020 May 09 20:33:17
Johann: Till end of Vassa maybe?

2020 May 09 20:25:18
Cheav Villa: Master Moritz _/\_ Should try an ordination which in 7days.  _/\_ :)

2020 May 09 20:16:21
Johann: Apsara (dove feet Devatas).

2020 May 09 20:13:19
Johann: Temporary ordination is pretty normal, 3 days, a month, a Vassa... and not to forget that the Buddha promised union with the Asparas, which are beyond being compareable to others...

2020 May 09 19:25:54
Moritz: No no, I really prefer to be a householder, even though not having a house at the moment. I am not much inclined towards nekkhamma...  ^-^
... even though already doing some nekkhamma now, but not hoping to do so for the long term....

2020 May 09 19:24:05
Moritz: Bang Villa _/\_

2020 May 09 19:08:20
Cheav Villa: _/\_  _/\_ _/\_

2020 May 09 19:00:58
Johann: When not working he is already used to where his beige light clean cloth, morning, noon, evening and already good organized.

2020 May 09 18:52:05
Cheav Villa: Kana Bhante _/\_ _/\_ _/\_ :)

2020 May 09 18:39:04
Johann: Nyom has his working dress and his light formal dress. White he might have possible to much troubles, so better to convince him toward robes.  :)

2020 May 09 17:38:39
Cheav Villa: Vandami Bhante _/\_ _/\_  _/\_ Master Moritz should wear white clothes.  _/\_ _/\_ _/\_ :)

2020 May 07 15:18:07
Cheav Villa: _/\_  _/\_ _/\_

2020 May 07 10:33:24
Johann: Householder clothes are really no more proper for Upasaka Khemadasa.... good to take him fear of the robes

2020 May 07 10:21:10
Khemakumara: Upāsikā

2020 May 07 10:19:33
Cheav Villa: Vandami Bhante _/\_ _/\_  _/\_

2020 May 07 06:02:32
Cheav Villa: Sadhu Sadhu Sadhu _/\_ _/\_ _/\_

2020 May 07 05:46:38
Johann: Sadhu

2020 May 07 03:25:02
Khemakumara: May it be a path-and fruitful vesak Uposatha

2020 May 06 16:07:14
Cheav Villa: Sadhu Sadhu Sadhu _/\_ _/\_ _/\_

2020 May 06 16:02:35
Johann: A blessed Vesaka Puja all, today and tomorrow, in reflection the goodness and qualities of the Sublime Buddha.

2020 May 04 21:25:10
Johann: followed by another overload by huawei-search engines... fixed

2020 May 04 20:31:45
Cheav Villa: _/\_  _/\_ _/\_

2020 May 04 20:25:53
Johann: A MS search engine (Bing) had overloaded the server capacity and might had caused the page not to be reached, but a cave-programmer quickly solved the issue, becoming aware of it. Sadhu

2020 May 03 21:13:46
Cheav Villa: Vandami Bhante Ariyadhammika _/\_ _/\_ _/\_

2020 May 03 20:32:57
Cheav Villa: _/\_  _/\_ _/\_

2020 May 03 19:15:52
Johann: Sokh chomreoun, Nyom.

2020 May 03 15:01:43
Cheav Villa: Vandami Bhante _/\_ _/\_  _/\_

2020 May 03 12:53:08
Cheav Villa: Master Moritz _/\_

2020 May 03 12:07:17
Moritz: Bang Villa _/\_

2020 May 03 12:00:57
Cheav Villa: _/\_  _/\_ _/\_

2020 May 03 09:39:36
Johann: ...and the snake hunts the mice...

2020 May 03 09:11:20
Johann: Dwelling like Devas under Devas, peaceful, respectful, careful, harmless

2020 Apr 30 10:05:08
Cheav Villa: Sadhu Sadhu Sadhu _/\_ _/\_ _/\_

2020 Apr 29 21:15:43
Moritz: _/\_ _/\_ _/\_

2020 Apr 29 21:08:53
Johann: May all spend a meritful end of Sila-day, those who taking on it today, and maybe continue with those doing so tomorrow.

2020 Apr 29 20:09:39
Johann: Nyom Villa

2020 Apr 29 20:07:29
Cheav Villa: Vandami Bhante _/\_ _/\_  _/\_

2020 Apr 26 20:26:31
Johann: Nyom Moritz, Nyom Villa

2020 Apr 26 20:23:57
Cheav Villa: and Master Moritz _/\_

2020 Apr 26 20:23:33
Cheav Villa: Vandami Bhante _/\_ _/\_  _/\_

2020 Apr 26 19:56:30
Moritz: Bang Villa _/\_

2020 Apr 26 19:56:25
Moritz: Vandami Bhante _/\_ _/\_ _/\_

2020 Apr 26 08:18:19
Cheav Villa: _/\_  _/\_ _/\_

2020 Apr 26 07:18:02
Johann: Ādīnava , អដីនវ, As one of ten perceptions: AN 10.60

2020 Apr 26 07:09:32
Johann: May Dukkha be visible for all, so to stay on the path  that leads beyond and liberation.

2020 Apr 25 16:57:34
Cheav Villa: Vandami Bhante _/\_ _/\_  _/\_

2020 Apr 25 15:54:00
Khemakumara: Upāsikā

2020 Apr 23 18:41:59
Johann: Sadhu for care to report and assist

2020 Apr 23 18:39:44
Cheav Villa: Vandami Bhante _/\_ _/\_  _/\_ I kana now not get notification.  _/\_ _/\_ _/\_

2020 Apr 23 15:04:07
Cheav Villa: Vandami Bhante _/\_ _/\_  _/\_

2020 Apr 23 13:45:57
Khemakumara: Upāsikā

2020 Apr 22 11:17:56
Johann: Sadhu, Sadhu

2020 Apr 22 06:38:01
Cheav Villa: Sadhu Sadhu Sadhu _/\_ _/\_ _/\_ :)

2020 Apr 22 05:45:37
Khemakumara: karuṇā, corona? which one prefers?   may it a fruit- and pathful Uposatha!

2020 Apr 21 19:53:51
Johann: If Nyom likes to use Atmas tablet and Sim, just pick it up at any time.

2020 Apr 21 19:49:09
Moritz: Smart connection works well.

2020 Apr 21 19:48:53
Moritz: _/\_ _/\_ _/\_ Bhante, mobile hotspot from the cave does not really reach well here. So can be turned off. Thank you. _/\_ _/\_ _/\_

2020 Apr 21 19:48:12
Johann: Making posts work for Nyom without errors?

2020 Apr 21 19:47:18
Cheav Villa: Kana Bhante _/\_ _/\_ _/\_

2020 Apr 21 19:22:08
Johann: So email does not work? Shoutbox sometimes needs longer because of internet connection. Sadhu for feedback.

2020 Apr 21 18:41:22
Cheav Villa: I kana still did not get the notification beceuse of new password. and shout have to write two times.   _/\_ _/\_ _/\_ _/\_ _/\_

2020 Apr 21 18:25:13
Johann: Please let it be know if you meet similar issue.

2020 Apr 21 18:24:37
Johann: It seems as posting is not possible because of errors currently. Nyom Moritz is informed via email.

2020 Apr 21 17:15:42
Cheav Villa: Sadhu Sadhu Sadhu _/\_ _/\_ _/\_

2020 Apr 21 17:02:42
Johann:  May all who observe the Uposatha today have had a blissful undertaking seen by doing so!

2020 Apr 20 20:59:39
Johann: (gave should be grave/gross)

2020 Apr 20 20:58:39
Johann: "We" = no peace at first place. But doing than for oneself and with it share to all others, that is possible, no we (= gave sakkayaditthi, the idea od we)

2020 Apr 20 20:55:50
Johann: No higher principle then Nibbana, peace. Nati santi param sukham. The is no happiness higher them real peace, Nyom.

2020 Apr 20 08:49:30
Mohan Gnanathilake: Mögen wir jemals ein hohes Prinzip haben! Dhamma Grüße aus Sri Lanka!

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Author Topic: Im Schatten der Liebe meiner Eltern - Under the shade of my parent's love  (Read 5131 times)

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Online Johann

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Von Oddom Van Syvron, der starken Frau hinter dem jählichen Dhammayietra in Kambodscha bei dem diese Buch stets verteilt wird.

Der erste Schritt zum Buddha Dhamma geht durch die Demut gegenüber seinen Eltern - die Götter des METTA

Im Schatten der Liebe meiner Eltern

In Erinnerung an Kristin Van Anden, dessen großzügige Hilfe für den Dhammayietra dieses Buch möglich machte.

Meine Eltern gaben mir mein erstes Zuhause.
Mein erstes Zuhause war der Bauch meiner Mutter. Von ersten Moment an, nährten meine Eltern mein Leben.

Meine Mutter genoß ihre Schwangerschaft mit einem freuderfüllten Herz.
Während der Schwangerschaft waren die Gefühle meiner Mutter ein Mix aus Freude und Angst

Die Liebe meiner Mutter ist unendlich.
Während ich im Bauch meiner Mutter war, nahm sie acht auf ihre Gesundheit. Sie aß nahrhaftes Essen, sodaß ich stark und gesund werden würde. Sie zählte die Tage bis sie mein Gesicht sehen würde.

Meine Eltern bereiteten meine nahe kommende Geburt vor.
Meine Eltern bereiteten achtsam meine Ankunft vor. Sie zündeten Räucherstäbchen und Kerzen an und beteten zu Buddha und Gottheiten für mein sicheres Ankommen.

Als ich zur Welt kam, weinte meine Mutter vor Freude.
Als meine Mutter meine ersten Schreie hörte, weinte sie vor Freude. Als sie mein Gesicht sah, vergaß sie ihre Schmerzen. Sie führte mich behutsam an ihre Brust und wir beide fühlten uns zufrieden und geliebt.

Meine Eltern organisierten Zeremonien für meine Gesundheit und Glück
Traditionelle Riten, die mir Glück und ein erfolgreich blühendes Leben wünschten, würden durchgeführt. Meine Eltern luden unsere Familie, Freunde und die Gemeinde ein, mich zu segnen und mir Glück für meine Zukunft zu wünschen.

Meine Mutter zog mich mit Zärtlichkeit und Liebe auf.
Ich wurde an der Brust meiner Mutter genährt. Sie sang Wiegenlieder um mir einschlafen zu helfen. Sie badete mich vorsichtig und beschützte mich vor Verletzungen. Wenn ich weinte kam sie geschwind gelaufen um mich zu besänftigen und zu beruhigen.

Meine Eltern bereiteten meine ersten nahrhaften Speisen.
Meine Mutter bereitete meine ersten Speißen mit Liebe und Umsicht. Sie schnitt das Essen in kleine Stücke, so das es für mich einfach war sie zu schlucken.

Meiner Mutters einzige Gedanken gelten meinem Wohlergehen.
Während ich im Bauch meiner Mutter war, beschützte sie mich wie einen unbezahlbaren Schatz. Sie betete zu Buddha und Göttern das ich sicher wäre und gesund.

Ich wuchs im Schutz meiner Eltern heran.
Meine Eltern fanden Freude an meinem Heranwachsen und meiner Entwicklung. Ich lernte mit ihnen zu lachen, krappeln, stehen, gehen und zu sprechen.

Wenn ich krank war der Schmery meiner Mutter größer als meiner.
Meine Mutter sah mir mit Tränen ins Gesicht, wenn ich Schmerzen hatte. Sie verbrachte viele schlaflose Nächte wenn ich krank war.

Meine Eltern waren meine ersten und beinfußensten Lehrer.
Ich  lernte die ersten Wörter mit meinen Eltern. Sie lehrten mich, wie ich mich gegenüber meinen Großeltern, Tanten und Onkeln, Brüdern und Schwestern und Nachbarn verhalten sollte. Sie lernten mir Worte wie Kuh, Wasserbüffel, Pferd, Haus und Baum. Sie lehrten mir wie man in unserer Gemeinde, Kultur und Zivilisation lebt. Sie lehrten mir respekt vor anderen Menschen zu haben.

Meine Eltern lehrten mir den Wert von Bildung.
Meine Eltern hielten mich dazu in der Schule hart zu arbeiten und Liebe zu meinen Lehrern zu gewinnen.

Meine Eltern versorgen mich mit allem was ich brauchte.
Meine Eltern ermunterten mich zu lernen. Sie versorgten mich mit Kleidung und Büchern für die Schule. Als sie mich das erste mal zur Schule begleiteten, führten sie mich an der Hand und hielten ihre Emotionen zurück, da es das erste mal für sie war mich loszulassen.

Meine Mutter wartete angestrengt auf meine Rückkehr von der Schule.
Meine Mutter heißt mich mit einem Lächeln wilkommen, wenn ich von der Schule heimkehre: „Wie war dein Tag?“. Sie erinnert mich, dass wenn ich brav lerne, mich meine Lehrer loben würden und mich einen guten Schüler nennen würden. Das würde meine Mutter glücklich machen.

Meine Eltern lehrten mir die buddhistischen Verhaltensregeln.
Mit dem lehren dieser Regeln haben mich meine Eltern auf einen Weg geführt, der mich zu Frieden und Fülle durch mein gesamtes  Leben führt. Die Regeln lehrten mich von Leidhaften abstand zu nehmen.

Einige der wichtigsten Lehren meiner Eltern.
1. Vom Verletzen von Lebewesen abstand zu nehmen
2. Güte, Freundlichkeit und Mitgefühl anderen Meschen entgegen zu bringen.
3. Stets meine Fertigkeiten und mein Wissen zu erhöhen.
4. Den Unterschied von nützlichen und schädlichem Wissen zu lernen.

Meine Eltern sind mitfühlend und verständnisvoll.
Selbst wenn ich meine Eltern böse mache und sie mich schelten, haben sie großes Mitleid mit mir. Ganz egal wie sehr ich sie auch verletze, bleibt ihre Liebe standhaft und ihre Herzen voller Mitgefühl.

Mein Verhalten spiegelt sich in meinen Eltern wieder.
Wenn ich mich schlecht verhalte, sind meine Eltern verärgert und beunruhigt. Wenn ich mich passend verhalte sind meine Eltern glücklich und stolz.

Mach ihrem Tod, werden mich meine Eltern weiter beeinflußen.
Selbst wenn meine Eltern sterben, werde ich nie daran vergessen an sie zu denken. Ich weiß, dass sie mich immer lieben und auf mich achten.

Meine Eltern sind ein Vorbildmodel für meine Zukunft.
Wenn ich selbst einmal Kinder haben, werde ich die guten Taten meiner Eltern wiederholen. Ich werde dem Beispiel meiner Eltern folgen. Ich werde meine Kinder lieben und sie so lehren, wie meine Eltern sich um mich kümmerten und mich lehrten.

This post and Content has come to be by Dhamma-Dana and so is given as it       Dhamma-Dana: Johann

Online Johann

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Kind, Pitiful, our refuge she that fed us at her breast.
        A mother is the way to heaven, and thee she loveth best.
        She nursed and fostered us with care; graced with good gifts is she,
        A mother is the way to heaven, and best she loveth thee.
        Craving a child in prayer she kneels each holy shrine before.
        The changing season closely scans and studies astral lore.
        Pregnant in course of time she feels her tender longings grow,
        And soon the unconscious babe begins a loving friend to know.
        Her treasure for a year or less she guards with utmost care,
        Then brings it forth and from that day a mother's name will bear.
        With milky breast and lullaby she soothes the fretting child,
        Wrapped in his comforter's warm arms his woes are soon beguiled.
        Watching o'er him, poor innocent, lest wind or hear annoy,
        His fostering nurse she may be called, to cherish thus her boy.
        What gear his sire and mother have she hoards for him "May be,"
        She thinks, "Some day, my dearest child, it all may come to thee."
        "Do this or that, my darling boy," the worried mother cries,
        And when he is grown to man's estate, she still laments and sighs,
        He goes in reckless mood to see a neighbor's wife at night,
        She fumes and frets, "Why will he not return while it is light?"
        If one thus reared with anxious pains his mother should neglect,
        Playing her false, what doom, I pray, but hell can he expect?
        Those that love wealth o'er much, 'tis said, their wealth will soon be lost
        One that neglects a mother soon will rue it to his cost.
        Those that love wealth o'er much, 'tis said, their wealth will soon be lost.
        One that neglects a father soon will rue it to his cost.
        Gifts, loving speech, kind offices together with the grace
        Of calm indifference of mind shown in time and place —
        These virtues to the world are as linchpin to chariot wheel.
        These lacking, still a mother's name to children would appeal.
        A mother like the sire should with reverent honor be crowned,
        Sages approve the man in whom those virtues may be found.
        Thus parents worthy of all praise, a high position own,
        By ancient sages Brahma called. So great was their renown.
        Kind parents from their children should receive all reverence due,
        He that is wise will honor them with service good and true.
        He should provide them food and drink, bedding and raiment meet,
        Should bathe them and anoint with oil and duly wash their feet.
        So filial services like these sages his praises sound
        Here in this world, and after death in heaven his joys bound.

 Jataka translation Vol. V pp. 173, 174
This post and Content has come to be by Dhamma-Dana and so is given as it       Dhamma-Dana: Johann

Offline Cheav Villa

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សាធុ​ ​កូណាបានអោយកូនស្រីអានរឿងនេះ _/\_

Online Johann

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* Johann Atma, if remembering right, saw the Book of Ven. Dhamananda (text quoted in english, also translated into Khmer, some year ago. "A Happy married life" or similar
This post and Content has come to be by Dhamma-Dana and so is given as it       Dhamma-Dana: Johann

Offline Cheav Villa

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កូណាមិនធ្លាប់បានអានទេ សូមព្រះអង្គ​ ប្រាប់រឿងនេះផង _/\_ _/\_ _/\_

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* Johann : Atma had possible a copy of the book on the datas of the old Sangha laptop Nyom used to look if the datas can be saved.
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 :o វិធូរ​   មិនទាន់ប្រគេនឡេបថបចាស់ ទៅព្រះអង្គវិញទេ?
កូណា  ព្រះអង្គ  _/\_

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No problem at all.
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Atma remembered: It (happy married life) was by Nyom Yu Ban , who runs, has run, a Dhamma-Dana Ngo in Camdodia, or in cooperation with one in Kampot. Not sure if he still is in this matter and/or reads emails. He is from Malaysia and Atma helped to contribute books many years ago, while still wearing white. Maybe he might have joy to share another time, but intentions are not for sure and worldily thinking drives one normally fast back in common pattern of thinking, gain and politics.

Malaysia, like western, modern world generally, is very corrupted by livelihood trading monks and socialistic/marxistic ideologies. Not so much living in the shadow of beloved parents but nice oncles and others who promise debtlessness when dealing with them. But to ask the Ven. ladies at Maha Panna Foundation might be also a way, since it is all connected by Pa Auk branch , ...
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កូណាព្រះអង្គ គឺជាវត្តបញ្ញាទៀតហើយ   :-\ _/\_

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Also Upasaka Yu Ban, connected with Pa Auk lineage, political active and after "Bhikkhuni-rights". Most of all Dhamma has been already taken under control of this groups using Nuns as their servants and "social-workers". Both, Taiwan and China are very potent donors. Mahavihara, as from same roots, and the connection to Vietnam (Buddh Sovung), likewise. It's all about secularization and worldly interests advertised by services for the poor and worker class, focusing on making favors for householders. Total understandable in regard of co-depending origination and the lure of Mara.

It's an old strategy: once uprooted the honor and devotion toward Brahmas (starting by parents) a certain society, removed by what ever counts as holly and sublime, can be taken over for pure material interests and productivity. It's not out of reason, and not a little a competition that my person tries to keep a little good accessible for those fearing to get in debt by wordily bonds. This world-tendency can not be stopped but some might still have a possibility to escape timely.

Parents and Gods are simply replaced by "Ankar", governments, or in business spheres, companies, to best avoid the feeling of gratitude toward particular acts of living beings.

Nyom can be sure to live in the last buddhist Kingdom, state, (place where right view is still uphold) but that will possible change soon by outwardly pressure and the indebted situation. 
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 _/\_ _/\_ _/\_
កូណាហាក់ដូចជានឿយណាយ ទៅកាន់ការសុំទៀត
ព្រោះការសុំចុងក្រោយ​ នៅ​វត្ត​បញ្ញា​ធំ​ មិនមានការឆ្លើយ
តបវិញនៅឡើយ   _/\_ _/\_ _/\_

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No need, of course. Just thought to place some possibilities for others.

Good things come to good people as gift without strings by time, simply because they can let go of outwardly but still keep the good thought within their heart.
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Small world...  :) seeing the monks face at the NGO-website, it looks like the monk from Battambang, currently dwelling and trying to gain a foothold, in the northern Monastery, who so terrible desired (so he told others) to give robes to my person but since not much interest on such and in joining his current householder undertakings here, he stopped to even great, having left the monastery shortly because quarrels with householders... (but I can be wrong...) That was, how ever, the NGO with which Nyom Yu Ban cooperated, run by serial western lay people.

As Ven. Bukri took over the whole budgets form Taiwan for years for Dhamma-Dana some 7, 8 years ago, those smaller NGOs had possible no more foundings for further projects.

The "nun" looks a little like one Upasika which took part on a Dhammaweekend here, with her "two Dhamma-children", maybe Nyom remembers, propably just similar in occupation, looking after lone children. is the Malaysian Dhammapropaganda NGO where Upasaka Yu Ban is active. The book might be found by searching "dhammananda books khmer happy married life". And all of course "sweeten" with propaganda like holding on Maha Ghosananda and worldly heroic symbols of politic.

They all do not really like, or fear my person and that might be of course a hindrance for good access to those worldly motivated societies.

Maybe better to stay simply by the Buddhas words and leave the secondary stories for those needing and desiring such.
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