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2020 May 30 07:05:43
Cheav Villa: _/\_  _/\_ _/\_

2020 May 30 06:51:35
Johann: Those taking on the Uposatha today: may many follow your encouragement when leading after near and those depending on you.

2020 May 29 20:39:55
Cheav Villa: _/\_  _/\_ _/\_

2020 May 29 19:56:20
Johann: What ever sacrificed toward the Sublime Gems, toward liberation, such is condition for no more flowing back into the world. Mudita

2020 May 29 08:40:16
Cheav Villa: _/\_  _/\_ _/\_

2020 May 29 08:34:50
Johann: [continue] ...kāma-guṇa (sensual giving) , death, alive, increasing the cemeteries in the world. This is why just giving toward the virtuous, those with metta, bears fruits beyond the common, as it's not for further kāma-guṇa that they would use it for, but as base for lessons, for purificatio

2020 May 29 08:33:20
Cheav Villa: _/\_  _/\_ _/\_

2020 May 29 08:27:03
Johann: If one would know or remembering the suffering behind pleasing form, sound, smell, taste, touch, one certain would no more desire after it. But because lof lack of remembering and proper attention, beings go after it, take birth, age, get sick, seperated, die, again and again, keeping the flame of k

2020 May 29 08:15:29
Cheav Villa: _/\_  _/\_ _/\_

2020 May 29 08:15:19
Cheav Villa: _/\_  _/\_ _/\_

2020 May 29 07:42:53
Johann: If ones sacrifices, generosity, isn't protected by a good closed tank, less fruits can be expected. And what is the tank made of? Saddha, Pasada, metta, Sila, intention for own and others independency.

2020 May 29 06:36:24
Johann: A blessed Siladay all who are doing it today

2020 May 28 19:24:28
Johann: Sadhu

2020 May 28 18:32:00
Moritz: Upgrade to SMF 2.0.17 has been completed. Everything running smooth for everybody?

2020 May 23 06:43:43
Cheav Villa: _/\_  _/\_ _/\_

2020 May 22 21:09:34
Johann: May all still continue to spend a blessed New moon Uposatha till break on of a new day (of course good to continue without break). Mudita

2020 May 21 20:16:55
Cheav Villa: _/\_  _/\_ _/\_

2020 May 21 19:30:50
Johann: Nothing more a blessing as to do not cling to a specific Nikaya, since one can easy take the opportunity of doing theUposatha often two days a new. May all always make the best of given possibilities.

2020 May 20 21:19:41
Johann: Sadhu

2020 May 20 20:44:31
Cheav Villa: May Bhante get well soon.  _/\_ _/\_ _/\_

2020 May 20 20:43:13
Cheav Villa: Vandami Bhante _/\_ _/\_  _/\_

2020 May 18 14:55:14
Cheav Villa: Vandami Bhante _/\_ _/\_  _/\_

2020 May 18 12:17:04
Khemakumara: Upāsikā

2020 May 17 21:21:28
Johann: Nyom Sophorn

2020 May 17 07:36:11
Cheav Villa: Vandami Bhante _/\_ _/\_  _/\_

2020 May 17 07:14:16
Khemakumara: Upāsikā

2020 May 17 06:01:03
Khemakumara:  _/\_ _/\_ _/\_ Bhante

2020 May 16 20:42:01
Johann: Bhante

2020 May 15 20:13:51
Cheav Villa: Sadhu Sadhu Sadhu _/\_ _/\_ _/\_

2020 May 15 19:17:25
Johann: A blessed Siladay ending for those who keep(ed) it today.

2020 May 14 09:09:08
Cheav Villa: _/\_  _/\_ _/\_

2020 May 14 06:17:12
Johann: A bl3ssed Sila-day those observing it today.

2020 May 12 21:00:24
Cheav Villa: Sadhu Sadhu Sadhu _/\_ _/\_ _/\_

2020 May 12 19:10:56
Johann: May no one ever, even a moment, forget: "Sole dominion over the earth, going to heaven, lordship over all worlds:    the fruit of stream-entry    excels them."

2020 May 10 15:27:11
Depabhasadhamma: Thank you Johann

2020 May 10 15:26:00
Johann: "stand", taking, holding a stand makes it possible more understandable and fits better to it.

2020 May 10 15:24:35
Johann: Welcome Depabasadhamma, Atma will open a topic on it.

2020 May 10 15:04:51
Depabhasadhamma: I am in need of assistance. I am writing a paper about the Three Marks of Existence. I understand the three marks, however, I am befuddled by the meaning and use of the word "existence." Is this English word the translation of the Pali word thiti? Does the word "existence" imply life, living, consci

2020 May 09 21:15:38
Cheav Villa: _/\_  _/\_ _/\_ :)

2020 May 09 20:48:57
Johann: Apsara in Pali: accharā, translation actually "A Whoo!"

2020 May 09 20:45:38
Johann: "...“Then take joy, Nanda. Take joy! I am your guarantor for getting 500 dove-footed nymphs.”..."

2020 May 09 20:45:17
Johann: "“What do you think, Nanda? Which is lovelier, better looking, more charming: the Sakyan girl, the envy of the countryside, or these 500 dove-footed nymphs?”..."

2020 May 09 20:43:26
Johann: There was a Bhikkhu "who got an email from an ex-co-dweller" and thought he will return to lower life, Nyom: Nanda Sutta

2020 May 09 20:35:41
Johann: It's actually just about the clothes, since his livemode is already a great Samaneras one.

2020 May 09 20:33:48
Cheav Villa: Bhante _/\_ _/\_  _/\_ I kana never heard about the Bhuddha promised..  _/\_ _/\_ _/\_

2020 May 09 20:33:17
Johann: Till end of Vassa maybe?

2020 May 09 20:25:18
Cheav Villa: Master Moritz _/\_ Should try an ordination which in 7days.  _/\_ :)

2020 May 09 20:16:21
Johann: Apsara (dove feet Devatas).

2020 May 09 20:13:19
Johann: Temporary ordination is pretty normal, 3 days, a month, a Vassa... and not to forget that the Buddha promised union with the Asparas, which are beyond being compareable to others...

2020 May 09 19:25:54
Moritz: No no, I really prefer to be a householder, even though not having a house at the moment. I am not much inclined towards nekkhamma...  ^-^
... even though already doing some nekkhamma now, but not hoping to do so for the long term....

2020 May 09 19:24:05
Moritz: Bang Villa _/\_

2020 May 09 19:08:20
Cheav Villa: _/\_  _/\_ _/\_

2020 May 09 19:00:58
Johann: When not working he is already used to where his beige light clean cloth, morning, noon, evening and already good organized.

2020 May 09 18:52:05
Cheav Villa: Kana Bhante _/\_ _/\_ _/\_ :)

2020 May 09 18:39:04
Johann: Nyom has his working dress and his light formal dress. White he might have possible to much troubles, so better to convince him toward robes.  :)

2020 May 09 17:38:39
Cheav Villa: Vandami Bhante _/\_ _/\_  _/\_ Master Moritz should wear white clothes.  _/\_ _/\_ _/\_ :)

2020 May 07 15:18:07
Cheav Villa: _/\_  _/\_ _/\_

2020 May 07 10:33:24
Johann: Householder clothes are really no more proper for Upasaka Khemadasa.... good to take him fear of the robes

2020 May 07 10:21:10
Khemakumara: Upāsikā

2020 May 07 10:19:33
Cheav Villa: Vandami Bhante _/\_ _/\_  _/\_

2020 May 07 06:02:32
Cheav Villa: Sadhu Sadhu Sadhu _/\_ _/\_ _/\_

2020 May 07 05:46:38
Johann: Sadhu

2020 May 07 03:25:02
Khemakumara: May it be a path-and fruitful vesak Uposatha

2020 May 06 16:07:14
Cheav Villa: Sadhu Sadhu Sadhu _/\_ _/\_ _/\_

2020 May 06 16:02:35
Johann: A blessed Vesaka Puja all, today and tomorrow, in reflection the goodness and qualities of the Sublime Buddha.

2020 May 04 21:25:10
Johann: followed by another overload by huawei-search engines... fixed

2020 May 04 20:31:45
Cheav Villa: _/\_  _/\_ _/\_

2020 May 04 20:25:53
Johann: A MS search engine (Bing) had overloaded the server capacity and might had caused the page not to be reached, but a cave-programmer quickly solved the issue, becoming aware of it. Sadhu

2020 May 03 21:13:46
Cheav Villa: Vandami Bhante Ariyadhammika _/\_ _/\_ _/\_

2020 May 03 20:32:57
Cheav Villa: _/\_  _/\_ _/\_

2020 May 03 19:15:52
Johann: Sokh chomreoun, Nyom.

2020 May 03 15:01:43
Cheav Villa: Vandami Bhante _/\_ _/\_  _/\_

2020 May 03 12:53:08
Cheav Villa: Master Moritz _/\_

2020 May 03 12:07:17
Moritz: Bang Villa _/\_

2020 May 03 12:00:57
Cheav Villa: _/\_  _/\_ _/\_

2020 May 03 09:39:36
Johann: ...and the snake hunts the mice...

2020 May 03 09:11:20
Johann: Dwelling like Devas under Devas, peaceful, respectful, careful, harmless

2020 Apr 30 10:05:08
Cheav Villa: Sadhu Sadhu Sadhu _/\_ _/\_ _/\_

2020 Apr 29 21:15:43
Moritz: _/\_ _/\_ _/\_

2020 Apr 29 21:08:53
Johann: May all spend a meritful end of Sila-day, those who taking on it today, and maybe continue with those doing so tomorrow.

2020 Apr 29 20:09:39
Johann: Nyom Villa

2020 Apr 29 20:07:29
Cheav Villa: Vandami Bhante _/\_ _/\_  _/\_

2020 Apr 26 20:26:31
Johann: Nyom Moritz, Nyom Villa

2020 Apr 26 20:23:57
Cheav Villa: and Master Moritz _/\_

2020 Apr 26 20:23:33
Cheav Villa: Vandami Bhante _/\_ _/\_  _/\_

2020 Apr 26 19:56:30
Moritz: Bang Villa _/\_

2020 Apr 26 19:56:25
Moritz: Vandami Bhante _/\_ _/\_ _/\_

2020 Apr 26 08:18:19
Cheav Villa: _/\_  _/\_ _/\_

2020 Apr 26 07:18:02
Johann: Ādīnava , អដីនវ, As one of ten perceptions: AN 10.60

2020 Apr 26 07:09:32
Johann: May Dukkha be visible for all, so to stay on the path  that leads beyond and liberation.

2020 Apr 25 16:57:34
Cheav Villa: Vandami Bhante _/\_ _/\_  _/\_

2020 Apr 25 15:54:00
Khemakumara: Upāsikā

2020 Apr 23 18:41:59
Johann: Sadhu for care to report and assist

2020 Apr 23 18:39:44
Cheav Villa: Vandami Bhante _/\_ _/\_  _/\_ I kana now not get notification.  _/\_ _/\_ _/\_

2020 Apr 23 15:04:07
Cheav Villa: Vandami Bhante _/\_ _/\_  _/\_

2020 Apr 23 13:45:57
Khemakumara: Upāsikā

2020 Apr 22 11:17:56
Johann: Sadhu, Sadhu

2020 Apr 22 06:38:01
Cheav Villa: Sadhu Sadhu Sadhu _/\_ _/\_ _/\_ :)

2020 Apr 22 05:45:37
Khemakumara: karuṇā, corona? which one prefers?   may it a fruit- and pathful Uposatha!

2020 Apr 21 19:53:51
Johann: If Nyom likes to use Atmas tablet and Sim, just pick it up at any time.

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Author Topic: Mudita on Vesakh Puja  (Read 1671 times)

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Offline Sophorn

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Mudita on Vesakh Puja
« on: May 18, 2019, 02:37:32 PM »
 _/\_ _/\_ _/\_

Having prepared for more than three days it is of great mudita to join the Vesakh Puja ceremony in Austria today.
Finding and evening out the right place for the buddha figure and preparing the Sutras with the father in Khmer and Latin transcription for the local laypeople for the ceremony.

May everyone who joins the festivities today receive and share the joy and merits.
May everyone being out on the roads arrive safely and sound back home again.
Greetings from afar  _/\_

 _/\_ _/\_ _/\_

Nun mehr als drei Tage lang vorbereitet habend, ist es eine große Mitfreude am Visakha Puja in Österreich heute teilzunehmen. Endlich einen guten Platz für die Buddha Figur gefunden zu haben und dessen Boden gut ausgeglichen und hergerichtet, für die Zeremonien vorbereitet indem die Suttas mit dem Vater in Khmer und Latein für die lokalen Laien transkribiert.

Mögen alle, die heute an dem Fest teilnehmen die Verdienste erhalten und teilen.
Mag jeder, der sich auf die Straßen begibt, sicher und wohl hin zurück nach Hause kommen.
Grüße aus der Ferne.


* Johann Deutsche Übersetzung ergänzt, Attachments reorganiced.
« Last Edit: May 22, 2019, 05:28:30 AM by Sophorn »

Offline Johann

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Re: Mudita on Vesakh Puja
« Reply #1 on: May 18, 2019, 02:39:06 PM »
Sadhu, Sadhu

Namo tassa bhagavato arahato sammā-sambuddhassa

"Mahanama, inasmuch as a lay follower is possessed of faith himself, and rouses others to possess faith; is possessed of virtue himself, and rouses others to possess virtue; is possessed of liberality himself, and rouses others to possess liberality; is himself desirous of meeting with monks, and rouses others to meet with monks; is himself desirous of hearing the true Dhamma, and rouses others to hear the true Dhamma; is himself habitually mindful of the Dhamma that is heard, and rouses others to be mindful of the Dhamma; is himself ascertained of the meaning/benefit of the Dhamma that is heard, and rouses others to ascertain the meaning/benefit; having known the meaning/benefit, having known the Dhamma, is himself committed to the practice according to the Dhamma, and rouses others to be committed to the practice according to the Dhamma; in that way, Mahanama, a lay follower is engaged in his own welfare and in others' welfare."
This post and Content has come to be by Dhamma-Dana and so is given as it       Dhamma-Dana: Johann

Online Cheav Villa

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Re: Mudita on Vesakh Puja
« Reply #2 on: May 19, 2019, 09:06:43 AM »
សាធុ​ សាធុ  _/\_ _/\_ _/\_

មុទិតា​នៅថ្ងៃបុណ្យពិសាខបូជា  _/\_

ខ្ញុំកូណា​ ខ្ញុំ​ក្នុងថ្ងៃពិសាខបូជា នៅពេលព្រឹក បានដាក់បាត្រព្រះសង្ឃនៅវត្តទួលសុភា​ឃួន
 និងសួរសុខទុក្ខ ព្រះអង្គ​  Kemakumara​។ និងពេលល្ងាចចូលស្តាប់ធម្មទេសនា​ ។

 _/\_  _/\_ _/\_

Sadhu, Sadhu...

Mudita with the merits done on Visaka Puja

I, Brah Karuna, on the day of Visakha Puja, approached the Sublime Sangha at Vatt Doul Sobhea Khoun, and asked Brah Ang Khemakumara about his welbeing. And in the evening (I) took part in listening Dhamma Desana (teaching)







* Johann : tansl. draft added, attachments reorganiced.
« Last Edit: May 19, 2019, 10:33:37 AM by Johann »

Offline Johann

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Re: Mudita on Vesakh Puja
« Reply #3 on: May 19, 2019, 10:48:10 AM »
Sadhu, Sadhu

The Venerables are fine, Nyom Cheav Villa ?

Vielleicht kann Nyom Sophorn auch ein paar Bilder der Zeremonie teilen
This post and Content has come to be by Dhamma-Dana and so is given as it       Dhamma-Dana: Johann

Online Cheav Villa

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Re: Mudita on Vesakh Puja
« Reply #4 on: May 19, 2019, 12:03:22 PM »
 _/\_ _/\_ _/\_
កូណា ព្រះអង្គ

ព្រះអង្គ​ចៅអធិការ​ ជាធម្មតារំលឹកពីចាស់ជរា,​ អាពាធ និងកង្វល់​ ដាស់តឿន​អំពីវិន័យដល់ភិក្ខុសង្ឃ,​ អាចារ្យ..
ព្រះអង្គ​ Kemakumara សុខ​ទុក្ខធម្មតា បានកំពុងព្យាយាមរៀនភាសាខ្មែរ ដោយខ្លួនឯង.​ សរសេរ. ​ ស្តាប់. សួរ​ ។

 _/\_ _/\_ _/\_

Offline Sophorn

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Re: Mudita on Vesakh Puja
« Reply #5 on: May 22, 2019, 12:51:35 AM »
 _/\_ _/\_ _/\_

Mudita on all the sharing, dear Cheav Villa! Sadhu!

Unfortunately a bit late finally also a small contribution from Austria. A very joyful circumstance was the fact that in between all days of rain and wind, on the Sila - day a relatively calm, rainless and sunny weather occured. (picture 1)
Place of the gathering was the former butchery in Wels where normally only adolescents gather and small concerts take place. (picture 2 and 3)

Invited was a Bhante from France (picture 4) who specifically came travelling for this event, Vesakh Puja. Kana has to give Bhante praise for many reasons. Obviously living in France for quite a few years Bhante gradually took care of the needs of the laity - unasked and silently giving support and pointing hints… also because the link between Sangha and laity, the Ta Ajar, a kind of priest, best known in laity and vinaya of the monks, who supports the ceremonies and conducts the laity most of the times, failed to do so because of lack of knowledge.

On the festive Day there was aside kanas parents nearly this Ta Ajar, who could recite. So instead of a crowded recitation, only few voices were heard. So out of consideration and act of encouragement the monk recited very calmly and explicitely the part of the laity as well. It was the very first time that kana has ever witnessed such circumstance. Also, as can be seen in the pictures probably, the few who can actually recite are older ones with a low voice who were even with the support of microphones not well heard.

Bhante recited and explained in depth in the Tesna more on why this Festive Day was of so much importance and asked the laity again and again to pose questions as much as possible and also patiently fulfilled the wishes of several ceremonies that the laity was wishing for (which rather based on rites), however not without the explanation why these rites came up and in how far those really were connected to buddhism or one’s personal practise of it.
Picture 6 for instance shows the ending ceremony where lay people asked for the ceremony of the rotation of candles and Bhante smiled and said, well let’s dedicate this to buddhism and their followers, so that they don’t become extinct instead always thinking of personal well-being.

Even the friendly reprimands towards the Ta Ajar kana found highly remarkable in so far that they were so on point but no harsh undertone whatsoever.

Many Cambodians abroad only turn to buddhism at high age or around retirement age ( around 65 years) and hardly have little or no knowledge on lithurgy or on recitations or meaning of the sutras. Many just follow that what they have seen over the years, what they believe to need to do or blindly follow what another person leads on.

That is why kana’s father and kana have been working on transkriptions of many sutras from Khmerpali to Khmer and recently also into a Latin one, a Latin transliteration so that the younger generation in Austria and also Europe can lean onto something when interested in buddhism of the parents‘ or grandparents‘, even when they are not literate in Khmer anymore.
This effort which we have been pursuing for years finally comes into slow fruition, even if it is incredibly slow.

Sadhu that this day was carried through by all those who attended and that this celebration came into existence against so many odds.  _/\_


Mudita über all das Teilen, liebe Cheav Villa! Sadhu!

Leider etwas verspätet, kommt auch ein kleiner Beitrag aus Österreich. Sehr erfreulich war, dass ausgerechnet zwischen Tagen voller Regen und Wind, am Silatag ein relativ windstilles, regenloser und sonniges Wetter war. (Bild 1)

Ort der Zusammenkunft war der ehemalige Schlachthof in Wels, wo normalerweise nur Jugendliche zusammenkommen bzw. eher kleine Konzerte stattfinden. (Bild 2 und 3)

Eingeladen wurde ein Bhante aus Frankreich (Bild 4), der eigens für Vesakh Puja die Reise antrat. Kana muss aus vielerlei Hinsicht Bhante loben. Offenbar schon seit Jahren in Frankreich aufhaltend, hat Bhante sich unaufgefordert mehr um die Belange der Laien angenommen, die, ohne richtige Anleitung oder Führung oft anstehen... auch weil das Bindeglied, der Ta Ajar, eine Art Priester, das Wissen um die Laien und die Regeln der Mönche am besten kennend, die Zeremonie mitunterstützt und die Laien anführt, leider durch mangelndes Wissen ausfiel.
Am Festtag gab es tatsächlich neben kanas Eltern fast nur den Ta Ajar, der rezitieren konnte. (Bild 5) Aus Rücksicht und Ansporn rezitierte der Mönch sehr ruhig und deutlich den Laien Anteil mit. Das war das allererste Mal, das kana das miterleben durfte. Denn, wie man aus den Bildern vielleicht erkennen kann, sind die wenigen, die des Rezitierens mächtig sind, älter mit eher leiser Stimme, die man auch durch Unterstützung der Mikrofone zum Teil trotzdem nicht so gut hören konnte.
Bhante rezitierte und erklärte im Tesna auch noch länger warum dieses Fest so wichtig sei und forderte die Gemeinde öfter auf, Fragen zu stellen oder kam geduldig den Bitten der Zeremonien, die die Laien machen wollten (die eher auf Riten beruhten), nach, aber nicht ohne zu erklären, warum diese Riten aufkamen und wie viel das tatsächlich mit Buddhismus oder eigener Praxis zu tun hatte. Bild 6 zeigt zum Beispiel die Abschlusszeremonie, wo Laien baten eine Zeremonie mit den Kerzen zu vollziehen, und mit einem Lächeln bat Bhante diese Zeremonie dem Buddhismus und seiner Anhängerschaft zu widmen, damit diese nicht aussterben anstatt, wie so oft, dem persönlichen Wohlbefinden.
Selbst die freundlichen Zurechtweisungen an den Ta Ajar waren für kana sehr beachtlich, weil sie sehr treffend waren, allerdings keinen Unterton enthielten.

Viele Kambodschaner im Ausland wenden sich erst im Alter bzw. ab ca. Pensionsalter (65J herum) dem Buddhismus zu und haben meist wenig oder keine Kenntnis mehr über Lithurgie oder Rezitationen. Viele praktizieren nur mehr über Nachahmung dessen, was sie glauben oder was jemand blind anführt.

Daher arbeiten kanas Vater und kana seit Jahren an der Transkription vieler Sutren aus dem Khmerpali ins Khmer und seit neuestem in eine lateinische Transkription, d.h. eine Transkription in lateinische Umschrift, damit auch die junge Generation in Österreich/aber auch in Europa sich bei Interesse auch an etwas anhalten kann, wenn man der kambodschanischen Schrift nicht mehr mächtig ist, sich aber für den Buddhismus der Eltern oder Großeltern interessiert.

Diese Anstrengung, die wir seit Jahren verfolgen, trägt langsam Früchte, wenn auch nur sehr, sehr langsam.

Sadhu, dass dieser Tag von all denen getragen wurden, die kamen und es zu dem Fest kam, obwohl sehr vieles dagegen sprach.  _/\_

 _/\_ _/\_ _/\_







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Re: Mudita on Vesakh Puja
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Sadhu, sadhu, sadhu!

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Re: Mudita on Vesakh Puja
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Sadhu, sadhu
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Re: Mudita on Vesakh Puja
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សាធុ​ សាធុ  _/\_