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2020 Jun 06 11:18:36
Cheav Villa: In fact, I kana love my Father then Mother And it was a gift I kana received from him, always with a smile Matta and sharing.  _/\_ _/\_ _/\_

2020 Jun 06 11:08:38
Cheav Villa: Sadhu Sadhu Sadhu _/\_ _/\_ _/\_

2020 Jun 06 11:03:01
Johann: A topic good to use: Fathers goodness reminding day - Vaters Güte Erinnerungstag

2020 Jun 06 11:00:54
Johann: Atma thinks it's always the first sunday in June with is used to remind people at large to reflect on the goodness of ones father(s) and to use the day for honor and veneration. May all take this opputunity well and if still alive, of which is not for sure, still possible to personal approach, such is a blessing and not good if not used. Mudita

2020 Jun 05 10:11:59
Johann: Good Sudhammacari

2020 Jun 05 08:25:42
Cheav Villa: _/\_  _/\_ _/\_

2020 Jun 05 07:22:29
Johann: A blessed Uposatha all today, and may there all ways to make peace with all being, nature, life around in the world.

2020 Jun 01 10:53:45
Cheav Villa: _/\_  _/\_ _/\_

2020 May 31 18:59:38
Cheav Villa: Ligthning and Thunder…

2020 May 31 18:52:13
Cheav Villa: The Rain is falling down in PhnomPenh :) _/\_ _/\_ _/\_

2020 May 30 07:05:43
Cheav Villa: _/\_  _/\_ _/\_

2020 May 30 06:51:35
Johann: Those taking on the Uposatha today: may many follow your encouragement when leading after near and those depending on you.

2020 May 29 20:39:55
Cheav Villa: _/\_  _/\_ _/\_

2020 May 29 19:56:20
Johann: What ever sacrificed toward the Sublime Gems, toward liberation, such is condition for no more flowing back into the world. Mudita

2020 May 29 08:40:16
Cheav Villa: _/\_  _/\_ _/\_

2020 May 29 08:34:50
Johann: [continue] ...kāma-guṇa (sensual giving) , death, alive, increasing the cemeteries in the world. This is why just giving toward the virtuous, those with metta, bears fruits beyond the common, as it's not for further kāma-guṇa that they would use it for, but as base for lessons, for purificatio

2020 May 29 08:33:20
Cheav Villa: _/\_  _/\_ _/\_

2020 May 29 08:27:03
Johann: If one would know or remembering the suffering behind pleasing form, sound, smell, taste, touch, one certain would no more desire after it. But because lof lack of remembering and proper attention, beings go after it, take birth, age, get sick, seperated, die, again and again, keeping the flame of k

2020 May 29 08:15:29
Cheav Villa: _/\_  _/\_ _/\_

2020 May 29 08:15:19
Cheav Villa: _/\_  _/\_ _/\_

2020 May 29 07:42:53
Johann: If ones sacrifices, generosity, isn't protected by a good closed tank, less fruits can be expected. And what is the tank made of? Saddha, Pasada, metta, Sila, intention for own and others independency.

2020 May 29 06:36:24
Johann: A blessed Siladay all who are doing it today

2020 May 28 19:24:28
Johann: Sadhu

2020 May 28 18:32:00
Moritz: Upgrade to SMF 2.0.17 has been completed. Everything running smooth for everybody?

2020 May 23 06:43:43
Cheav Villa: _/\_  _/\_ _/\_

2020 May 22 21:09:34
Johann: May all still continue to spend a blessed New moon Uposatha till break on of a new day (of course good to continue without break). Mudita

2020 May 21 20:16:55
Cheav Villa: _/\_  _/\_ _/\_

2020 May 21 19:30:50
Johann: Nothing more a blessing as to do not cling to a specific Nikaya, since one can easy take the opportunity of doing theUposatha often two days a new. May all always make the best of given possibilities.

2020 May 20 21:19:41
Johann: Sadhu

2020 May 20 20:44:31
Cheav Villa: May Bhante get well soon.  _/\_ _/\_ _/\_

2020 May 20 20:43:13
Cheav Villa: Vandami Bhante _/\_ _/\_  _/\_

2020 May 18 14:55:14
Cheav Villa: Vandami Bhante _/\_ _/\_  _/\_

2020 May 18 12:17:04
Khemakumara: Upāsikā

2020 May 17 21:21:28
Johann: Nyom Sophorn

2020 May 17 07:36:11
Cheav Villa: Vandami Bhante _/\_ _/\_  _/\_

2020 May 17 07:14:16
Khemakumara: Upāsikā

2020 May 17 06:01:03
Khemakumara:  _/\_ _/\_ _/\_ Bhante

2020 May 16 20:42:01
Johann: Bhante

2020 May 15 20:13:51
Cheav Villa: Sadhu Sadhu Sadhu _/\_ _/\_ _/\_

2020 May 15 19:17:25
Johann: A blessed Siladay ending for those who keep(ed) it today.

2020 May 14 09:09:08
Cheav Villa: _/\_  _/\_ _/\_

2020 May 14 06:17:12
Johann: A bl3ssed Sila-day those observing it today.

2020 May 12 21:00:24
Cheav Villa: Sadhu Sadhu Sadhu _/\_ _/\_ _/\_

2020 May 12 19:10:56
Johann: May no one ever, even a moment, forget: "Sole dominion over the earth, going to heaven, lordship over all worlds:    the fruit of stream-entry    excels them."

2020 May 10 15:27:11
Depabhasadhamma: Thank you Johann

2020 May 10 15:26:00
Johann: "stand", taking, holding a stand makes it possible more understandable and fits better to it.

2020 May 10 15:24:35
Johann: Welcome Depabasadhamma, Atma will open a topic on it.

2020 May 10 15:04:51
Depabhasadhamma: I am in need of assistance. I am writing a paper about the Three Marks of Existence. I understand the three marks, however, I am befuddled by the meaning and use of the word "existence." Is this English word the translation of the Pali word thiti? Does the word "existence" imply life, living, consci

2020 May 09 21:15:38
Cheav Villa: _/\_  _/\_ _/\_ :)

2020 May 09 20:48:57
Johann: Apsara in Pali: accharā, translation actually "A Whoo!"

2020 May 09 20:45:38
Johann: "...“Then take joy, Nanda. Take joy! I am your guarantor for getting 500 dove-footed nymphs.”..."

2020 May 09 20:45:17
Johann: "“What do you think, Nanda? Which is lovelier, better looking, more charming: the Sakyan girl, the envy of the countryside, or these 500 dove-footed nymphs?”..."

2020 May 09 20:43:26
Johann: There was a Bhikkhu "who got an email from an ex-co-dweller" and thought he will return to lower life, Nyom: Nanda Sutta

2020 May 09 20:35:41
Johann: It's actually just about the clothes, since his livemode is already a great Samaneras one.

2020 May 09 20:33:48
Cheav Villa: Bhante _/\_ _/\_  _/\_ I kana never heard about the Bhuddha promised..  _/\_ _/\_ _/\_

2020 May 09 20:33:17
Johann: Till end of Vassa maybe?

2020 May 09 20:25:18
Cheav Villa: Master Moritz _/\_ Should try an ordination which in 7days.  _/\_ :)

2020 May 09 20:16:21
Johann: Apsara (dove feet Devatas).

2020 May 09 20:13:19
Johann: Temporary ordination is pretty normal, 3 days, a month, a Vassa... and not to forget that the Buddha promised union with the Asparas, which are beyond being compareable to others...

2020 May 09 19:25:54
Moritz: No no, I really prefer to be a householder, even though not having a house at the moment. I am not much inclined towards nekkhamma...  ^-^
... even though already doing some nekkhamma now, but not hoping to do so for the long term....

2020 May 09 19:24:05
Moritz: Bang Villa _/\_

2020 May 09 19:08:20
Cheav Villa: _/\_  _/\_ _/\_

2020 May 09 19:00:58
Johann: When not working he is already used to where his beige light clean cloth, morning, noon, evening and already good organized.

2020 May 09 18:52:05
Cheav Villa: Kana Bhante _/\_ _/\_ _/\_ :)

2020 May 09 18:39:04
Johann: Nyom has his working dress and his light formal dress. White he might have possible to much troubles, so better to convince him toward robes.  :)

2020 May 09 17:38:39
Cheav Villa: Vandami Bhante _/\_ _/\_  _/\_ Master Moritz should wear white clothes.  _/\_ _/\_ _/\_ :)

2020 May 07 15:18:07
Cheav Villa: _/\_  _/\_ _/\_

2020 May 07 10:33:24
Johann: Householder clothes are really no more proper for Upasaka Khemadasa.... good to take him fear of the robes

2020 May 07 10:21:10
Khemakumara: Upāsikā

2020 May 07 10:19:33
Cheav Villa: Vandami Bhante _/\_ _/\_  _/\_

2020 May 07 06:02:32
Cheav Villa: Sadhu Sadhu Sadhu _/\_ _/\_ _/\_

2020 May 07 05:46:38
Johann: Sadhu

2020 May 07 03:25:02
Khemakumara: May it be a path-and fruitful vesak Uposatha

2020 May 06 16:07:14
Cheav Villa: Sadhu Sadhu Sadhu _/\_ _/\_ _/\_

2020 May 06 16:02:35
Johann: A blessed Vesaka Puja all, today and tomorrow, in reflection the goodness and qualities of the Sublime Buddha.

2020 May 04 21:25:10
Johann: followed by another overload by huawei-search engines... fixed

2020 May 04 20:31:45
Cheav Villa: _/\_  _/\_ _/\_

2020 May 04 20:25:53
Johann: A MS search engine (Bing) had overloaded the server capacity and might had caused the page not to be reached, but a cave-programmer quickly solved the issue, becoming aware of it. Sadhu

2020 May 03 21:13:46
Cheav Villa: Vandami Bhante Ariyadhammika _/\_ _/\_ _/\_

2020 May 03 20:32:57
Cheav Villa: _/\_  _/\_ _/\_

2020 May 03 19:15:52
Johann: Sokh chomreoun, Nyom.

2020 May 03 15:01:43
Cheav Villa: Vandami Bhante _/\_ _/\_  _/\_

2020 May 03 12:53:08
Cheav Villa: Master Moritz _/\_

2020 May 03 12:07:17
Moritz: Bang Villa _/\_

2020 May 03 12:00:57
Cheav Villa: _/\_  _/\_ _/\_

2020 May 03 09:39:36
Johann: ...and the snake hunts the mice...

2020 May 03 09:11:20
Johann: Dwelling like Devas under Devas, peaceful, respectful, careful, harmless

2020 Apr 30 10:05:08
Cheav Villa: Sadhu Sadhu Sadhu _/\_ _/\_ _/\_

2020 Apr 29 21:15:43
Moritz: _/\_ _/\_ _/\_

2020 Apr 29 21:08:53
Johann: May all spend a meritful end of Sila-day, those who taking on it today, and maybe continue with those doing so tomorrow.

2020 Apr 29 20:09:39
Johann: Nyom Villa

2020 Apr 29 20:07:29
Cheav Villa: Vandami Bhante _/\_ _/\_  _/\_

2020 Apr 26 20:26:31
Johann: Nyom Moritz, Nyom Villa

2020 Apr 26 20:23:57
Cheav Villa: and Master Moritz _/\_

2020 Apr 26 20:23:33
Cheav Villa: Vandami Bhante _/\_ _/\_  _/\_

2020 Apr 26 19:56:30
Moritz: Bang Villa _/\_

2020 Apr 26 19:56:25
Moritz: Vandami Bhante _/\_ _/\_ _/\_

2020 Apr 26 08:18:19
Cheav Villa: _/\_  _/\_ _/\_

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  • Independency day: November 09, 2019

Author Topic: Handing over of and giving Independecy  (Read 1515 times)

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Offline Johann

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Handing over of and giving Independecy
« on: November 09, 2019, 01:40:12 PM »
Foremost to mention the main supplier an "owner of this merits", Upasika Sophorn , Upasaka Moritz , Upasika Cheav Villa .

Dedicated to all giver of goodness brought it till here, parents, teachers, fellows and the Tripple Gems, going back to the Sublime Buddha.

By giving independency, independency is gained, not by any other ways of struggle, harm and taking on of not given.

 _/\_ _/\_ _/\_

Venerable members of Sangha of the eight directions,
Venerable fellows,
Honored Buddhaparisada, and devoted follower,

May the Buddhapariso, of this realm, dwelling in this area, listen to me.

My person, joyfully in reflecting the merits of many of the past, present and future, announces here formal, that the merits having been done within the Domain of and related domain, it's full control and accessibility has now be handed over to the offspring presented by the western and modern Sangha, represented by broadly honored Elders of the main Branches which could find some footfold in the modern world, Ven. Grandfather Varado and Venerable Ariyadhammika .

May this merits, dedicated by the devoted toward their ancestors of seven generations (where ever they now dwell), toward their parents, teachers and instructors, toward the Ariaya-puggala, the Savaka Sangha of the Buddha, toward the long remaining of the Dhamma and the Sangha, the Gods and Devas of all realms and all beings in this world, placed into the great field of merits, be support for many, who ever capable, to overcome suffering, aging, sickness and death by arising of the Dhamma-eye and for best of all others bond to wandering on in most harmless way.

Anumodana Punna Kusala

(My person will be, form today's point of view, be available till the end of main harvest, maybe end january for any requirements, assistance and communication help with the old ancestors of all those gifts, with his tiny possibilities.)

* Johann: Original restored, after edits made by Grandfather Varado. Please be aware that Grandfathers formal outer state has changed, at least short after. See posts below.
« Last Edit: November 13, 2019, 05:58:53 PM by Administration »
This post and Content has come to be by Dhamma-Dana and so is given as it       Dhamma-Dana: Johann

Online Cheav Villa

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Re: Handing over of and giving Independecy
« Reply #1 on: November 09, 2019, 03:42:08 PM »
Sadhu Sadhu Sadhu   _/\_ _/\_ _/\_

Offline Johann

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Re: Handing over of and giving Independecy
« Reply #2 on: November 09, 2019, 08:59:40 PM »
Venerable Grandfather Varado 's blessings via email:

May the merits accumulated by you bring you lasting peace and happiness wherever you are reborn. May you continue to progress in the training. May the future bring you all support and friendship for your physical and spiritual well-being.

As for, may it continue as a tool of communication between friends. May it bring happiness to those who hold the Buddha's teachings dear. As for me, I am unable to administer the site, and therefore relinquish it to others. If it moves into decline, no fears. Has the Buddha not made clear the impermanence of conditioned things? How could what is born not die?

Originated phenomena are indeed unlasting, subject to arising and disappearance. Having arisen they cease. Their subsiding is happiness [supreme].

Thank you for publishing my translations. May they bring happiness to the world.

I send my best wishes to Upasika Sophorn, Upasaka Moritz, Upasika Cheav Villa. May they succeed in their practice and may their support of the site bring them much merit.

In celebration, I recite the Mangala Sutta:

- Namo tassa bhagavato arahato sammā-sambuddhassa -

Maṅgala Sutta: On What is Supremely Auspicious

Associating not with fools, but with the wise; and honouring those worthy of honour: this is supremely auspicious.

Living in a suitable locality having previously performed meritorious deeds, and having a rightly directed disposition: this is supremely auspicious.

Being one of great learning, being well-trained in a craft and in the code of discipline, and having well-spoken speech: this is supremely auspicious.

Supporting one’s parents, nurturing one’s wife and children, and having an occupation which is peaceful: this is supremely auspicious.

Generosity, living a life of righteousness, assisting one’s relatives, and being virtuous in conduct: this is supremely auspicious.

Shunning and spurning what is unvirtuous, abstaining from intoxicating drink, and being diligent in doing what is righteous: this is supremely auspicious.

Respect, mildness, contentment, gratitude, and timely listening to the teaching: this is supremely auspicious.

Patience, meekness when being admonished, the timely visiting of ascetics, and discussing the teaching: this is supremely auspicious.

Austerity; the practice of celibacy; insight into the noble truths; the realisation of the Untroubled: this is supremely auspicious.

One whose mind does not tremble when touched by the [eight] worldly conditions, being free of grief and spiritual defilement, and who has reached safety from [the danger of] bondage [to individual existence]: this is supremely auspicious.

Having cultivated such things, those who are everywhere undefeated by Māra’s army go everywhere in safety: this for them is supremely auspicious

Sadhu, Sadhu

Maybe Venerable Grandfather Varado might have it understood wrong. Venerable Grandfather and his near near and far fellows in the modern western world are given to make use of the given possibilities toward highest release so that those relaying on given in faith can meet each other often and help each other in encouragements and that your faithfull follower have possibilities to get in touch with your Sanghas, aside of trade and in an enviroment not pulling them into the nets of the world, make merits of the ten kinds with own effort in strange of mind, speech and body.

It's not so, that you should think to have been given a burden or a task to maintain or entertain, but simply a proper condition that you may also let, out of compassion, others to what is of long time benefit for them on a good, best avaliable field.

As for long lasting: the more and often the Bhikkhus meet each other, as long as wise provide with the possibility that they can, long lasting can be expected.

It's not a gift of burden but of release and freedom, the sphere of condition that parents and elders give to those having come in bond. It's a gift toward former relatives, well placed in the Sangha of the Buddha of many living far from their former beloved.

May the Venerables make proper use, out of compassion, in what ever way they wish, with this Sanghadana toward the western modern worlds children and grandchildren of the Buddhas heritage.

The Venerables only task isn't administer but to use the given in faith to keep the track virtual for the world by walking it to the final releasing stage, not a little more, and make use of only given for releasing purpose.

There might be younger and it-skilled fellows of your who may feel inspired and who would fast understand the technical things and help the elders with means of given and independency, access, looking after sharing email account, storeplaces, face and paccaya for dwelling and meeting in this realm.

It's a world unique here and maybe it wouldn't stay to be the only one of it's kind, dedicated toward sublime, given and free of need of remorse to access for those with the right aspiration and devotion.

No need to fear that those following the given track lack on support or left alone in the middle of the deep forest.

There is no reason to worry about elders and parents, those going in front or having gone the track before.



* Johann : Ven. Gandfather, as for "If it moves into decline, no fears. Has the Buddha not made clear the impermanence of conditioned things? How could what is born not die?", that is not very skilful and not the way the Buddha talk his disciples to encourage when receiving a gift for the Sangha. May Bhante be remind that it is impossible that merits not minimum purified on one side happen in this domain and that all those are headed toward the dethless, lasting real happiness. It's not good to throw away the raft before crossing or in the middle of tbe stream or to nurish such thoughts and again, not a single giver bere fears that his gifts are not the most lasting sacrifies. Just to inform those new touched proper. First Things First and Sensitivity through generosity are very useful teachings here in this fundamental basic's regard. No need to deal with means maybe necessary in outer lands to attract effortlessness.

* Johann: Original post restored, after edits by Grandfather Varado
« Last Edit: November 13, 2019, 06:10:41 PM by Administration »
This post and Content has come to be by Dhamma-Dana and so is given as it       Dhamma-Dana: Johann

Offline Johann

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Re: Handing over of and giving Independecy
« Reply #3 on: November 10, 2019, 03:34:41 PM »
An anumodana came to mind and now possibility to share

Namo tassa bhagavato arahato sammā-sambuddhassa

Who's in the hut?
A monk's in the hut —
   free from passion,
   with well-centered mind.
Know this, my friend:
   The hut you built
   wasn't wasted.
This post and Content has come to be by Dhamma-Dana and so is given as it       Dhamma-Dana: Johann

Online Cheav Villa

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Re: Handing over of and giving Independecy
« Reply #4 on: November 10, 2019, 05:07:47 PM »
Sadhu Sadhu Sadhu  _/\_ _/\_ _/\_

Offline Johann

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Re: Handing over of and giving Independecy
« Reply #5 on: November 13, 2019, 04:21:27 PM »
Please may all note, that like informed by the lay-trusty of Wat Amaravati, Grandfather Varado was wrongly taken to be a member of the Sangha there (? he isn't anymore since longer, at least told "of the community there") at times of giving, and walks now as a lay person in his outwardly appearance.
« Last Edit: November 13, 2019, 04:41:37 PM by Johann »
This post and Content has come to be by Dhamma-Dana and so is given as it       Dhamma-Dana: Johann

Online Cheav Villa

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Re: Handing over of and giving Independecy
« Reply #6 on: November 13, 2019, 05:47:01 PM »
 _/\_ _/\_ _/\_

Offline Johann

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Re: Handing over of and giving Independecy
« Reply #7 on: November 14, 2019, 04:12:21 PM »
After asking further at Amaravati (note that the Monks there put such burdens obiviously on lay people, and don't inform) further informations tell that Bhante disrobed and left the community of the Forest-Sangha tradition in 2018 and is said to have reordained in another Tradition. And now it's said that they don't know since then, having no contact, of his status and livelihood. Himself, he is refusing to give clear answers, sometimes suggesting such or such.

Additional: Upasaka Varado shortly has let it be known that he renounced the training already in Summer 2019 and pardons for eventual confusions possible caused by havn't given strong sign, words, about his current status.
« Last Edit: November 15, 2019, 06:06:51 PM by Johann »
This post and Content has come to be by Dhamma-Dana and so is given as it       Dhamma-Dana: Johann