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ការលួចចម្លងព្រះត្រៃបិដកខ្មែ Undertaking to copy-steal Khmer Tipitaka by SC-monks

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Currently the degenerated group of punk monks and nuns are public put efforts to steal the Khmer Tipitaka so as to further accumulate the credits of the Elders and the Gems for their Marxis plunder undertakings and promotion of social unrest for their low gains.

Not a little ashamed to public take of what isn't given and encourage others to assist.

As normally impossible to keep deluded and greedy people from wrong doing, as wrong view says 'Ihave a right', it's merely just a historical mention, so that people later would know how things and the Gems got lost in this world.

Can Nyom Moritz try to get in contact with Churchwill Dylan, as the chief thief usually uses naive or dependencies to progress stealing. My person tried again to address Ayya at Charlotte, but there is much reason to believe that these thieves are for maintaining certain relations, like men go out to steal for their wives desires... as clear their minds to be seen, it wouldn't be possible to lead them letting go of grave wrong tracks.

Not sure whether Nyom Norum could be reached to also address the vietnamese Monks.

My person could reach out via the message portal of Charlotte Vihara to Ayya Sudhamma

--- Quote from: Johann via website ---
--- Quote from: Ayya Sudhamm via email ---Dear Venerable,

Oh no, I'm so sorry!  I myself asked him & his community to try to find Khmer scriptures for the benefit of Cambodian people, particularly a Cambodian nun whom I have been teaching. I alone am responsible for his sudden interest in these scriptures. Please forgive us. Is there some way to make things right?

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Good Ayya is maybe not aware, but the thieves of SC, leaded by Sujato Bhikkhu  , are currently undertaking to steal the Khmer Tipitaka.

As it is propably the last not plundered Dhamma, my person trusts that Ayya is wise enough to, at least counter act herself in regard of such ways. It is to be assumed that the chef thief of Noble Culture can not be brought back on line and with him those associate with him.

It would be good if Ayya makes clear to be not actively involved and support downfall activity.

This e-mail was sent from a contact form on Charlotte Buddhist Vihara
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--- Quote from: Johann via web portal ---Good Ayya Sudhamma,

Good to hear that being not involved in their undertakings. Sadhu, Sadhu.

My person does not think that there had been anything wrong aside of possible association with what isn't good to associate, but it's surely hard for 'western' nuns to be not caught by this group opposing the tradition. Of course it could be also a heavy fault in certain circumstances.

My person has send the possibilities to make use of given means, and can not communicate with google and co. Ayya is welcome to make use. (email, sangham-account).

Best way, how ever, as there is a viral femal Sangha in Cambodia, is to be and stay in contact with the nuns of Wat Maha Panna Foundation , and Ayya Kammatthana .

They also have an own Tipitaka, yet not really touch able by the Sangha of Bhikkhus. Ayya would find it here, incl. notes:

As for the sangham-tipitaka, as already given (, transcription and raw prove-read is done after 7, 8 year by Upasika Norum, and my person works on editing it further into proper standard (maybe another 5 years till a draft can be given offical to the khmer Sangha).

May my person ask of who the Bhikkhuni Saddha is, as not known? My person got just in touch with a Samaneri ( Sadhajivi ) held strange ordination in Sri Lanka, with ( Mettajivi  Bhikkhuni).

As there is good contact to the Khmer Bhikkhuni Sangha, good if getting as soon as possible in touch, and good to use proper given means, not follow modern, householder ways, and ideas of "I have a right".

Btw, good Ayya,

helping children, dependencies, likewise in the tradition of the Noble Ones, would be done in Asian cultures always through the parents, trough the Nissaya. First to do not destry the bond and second, children and disciples of former other sects are very rebellious, whould not feel bond to Nissaya, thinking "I don't need, i relay on the Sangha" and soon become likewise marxist Sociaty in the west? (See support of new Bhikkhu by fellows: to be done via his Nissaya, and duties of disciple, not to receive and assist 'enemies' of ones Nissaya, in addition to the downfall danger for Bhikkhunis by wrong association).

The 'giving the leader, or parents, when wishing to support, and let them act, knowning their childrenj policy goes against western destructive ways which are up to destroy dependencies and lead to rebellion, disrespect and lack of gratitude, close up doors to path, fruits, Jhana.
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Worthy to note that many posts by "Dylan" are liked by Ayya, encouraged...


--- Quote from: send via web potral to Ven. Gunaghosas page ---Good Venerable,

the tradition opposing monks of Suttacentral leaded by Sujato, are currently progressing to copy-steal the Khmer Tipitaka. As good Venerable might be not aware and has not proper protected the Sangha heritage an Dana of devoted Layperson, it would be good to act in ways proper to avoid lose toward Devadatta.

Some infos:

Punk-monks are currently copy-stealing the Khmer-Tipitaka

 "Sutta-DE-central" the never ending stories of foolishness

My person hardly encourages good Ven. to neither approve nor support this cultur thieving and downfall transgression.
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--- --- Namo tassa bhagavato arahato sammā-sambuddhassa
...Thus from corrupt Dhamma comes corrupt discipline; from corrupt discipline, corrupt Dhamma...
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