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ការលួចចម្លងព្រះត្រៃបិដកខ្មែ Undertaking to copy-steal Khmer Tipitaka by SC-monks

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My person could reach Bhante Gunaghosa , short visiting FB. He thankful will try to help avoiding the thief.

Also it seems that "Dylan" is actuall a Khmer monk, study computer science and using disguise...

not so sure whether he got the message or not, yet, good to abound fbuaccount again.







Cheating, deceitful, ... "eine Krähe hack der anderen kein Auge aus", meaning when highway-plunder get aware of each other, they even form union in the underground to progress to steal from the King.

One should now this thieve of the last no stolen Tipitaka till before, as the outwardly sign of the offical ending and distinction of this Sasana and Sangha in this world.

Like when people cut trees, occupy the Kings land, flooded forest, old rain forests..., destry it and make it even for their low purposes, thinking "we have a right", like anarchist are squattering, heritage of the old, even if taken back, replanted, those species who used to dwell in those forests are gone, no more way to ever reanimate this old lineage.

Like a downfall transgression can not be made undone, even if the victim might pardon the transgression, and no way for rehabilitation can be found, so one should see those fools, those "monks" and "nuns" around this and similar undertakings. Neither can they be helped to be not bond for long term pains nor their dependencies, the biggest thieves in this world.

Nothing more as stories of mighty and righteous being of the past will sometimes be visible for short for some, like someone in agricultural lands, former huge forest, might gain a short vision of wilderness and the sages having left the fools back on their killing fields in this world they are bond to husband for eons...

While communist undertakings like wikipedia at least returned it and had felt obligated at least to common laws, those "monks" and "nun", anarchists, don't care about any bodies possession, occupy all without shame, feed by the poor and those with wrong view, and a living of all kind of thieves, foremost that of selling out culture-thieves.

Of course, non of them could be rightly perceived to be related with the tripple Gems, even there was some in the past: cut off, destroyed, like a palm cut off it's top.

The fools think that they can take advantage of the greedy slaves for they opposing undertakings, but as soon the slaves see that they nevertheless can't grasp the Dhamma, they will be simply the victims of the mob of slaves by themselves. Themselves plundered off, downwardly they head.

What ever skills a fool would learn, what ever given, he will just use it for destroying his merits, cut off his relations upwardly and works for the harm of many. Where once high culture, huge forests, for long time they will suffer in their own made deserts.

Deceitful, thievery, with no shame and full of greeds... "Eine Krähe hackt der anderen kein Auge aus", meaning when thieves and corrupt people get aware of each other, carry all the same dirty cloth, theygo to the underground and share and exchange their thieves, make 'win-win' deals for the lose of many, focusing on their bellies first.

So one should now this as the thief of the last Tipitaka which wasn't stolen by communist and signs the offical end of this Dhamma-Vinaya in this world, gone, no more possible to restore, similar as once having done deliberately a downfall transgression, even the 'victim' would pardon afterwards, this kamma has been done, and no rehabilitation possible.

In this way one should see those 'monks' and 'nuns' involved around suttacentral and the fellowship as one of Devadatta, with no way to leave, bond and headed to long, long time suffering and nobody would be able to help them.

Bhante Gunaghosa just send information that he had added at least a statement that the translation belongs to the Khmer Sangha and may not be copied without permission of the authority and shared info on the occasion via FB. Sadhu, Sadhu

--- Quote from: Ven Gunaghoso via email ---


Here is what I can do! Have a nice day!

Sadhu Sadhu

And stop receiving money for Dhamma! Sanghadisea 13 or even Pārājika 3!

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They also know that, it’s look like rude words, shouldn’t use that word on public.

What about: "In high respect toward the Sublime Gems: I, Venerable Gunaghosa, am trying to take care of the Khmer-translation of the Tipitaka here (generously given by faithful Buddhaparisada), which is and remains the possession of the Khmer Sangha. Do not copy without permission except for own respectful study purpose. You may always share a link to this page and Sublime text. All mistakes here should be seen as my faults, and may the Tripple Gems pardon unintentional typing and other mistakes."?

Kana, how ever, thinks it would be better if Bhante makes further use of the domain, since it is given and not wrong gained (by using money). No problem to make similar layout as well, once site references are added.

What has been obtained by money should be forfeit toward the Sangha. This page is total wrong in regard of Vinaya and nobody using it could gain Path or fruits.

What do you mean to replace domain name to Who is the owner of

Maybe Bhante likes to start to help to add short infos about single Suttas in the Indexes:

Bhante is given and invited to make use of all in proper manner on, it's all Sangha-Dana.

If Bhante allows, Kana can maybe use his pages to add all page reverence to the singe book sites (originals)

I have no experience on forum or php code, so, let done what you can do, I can’t help.

Johann: has been given by Upasaka, Upasika, mainly Khmer but also other countries for the Sangha of the eight direction. Formal (worldly owner: Sophorn Ban and Moritz Raguschat, see imprint: ) it's hosted currently in German with high secret copyright laws since no khmer domain yet.
Khmer Tipitaka was given by Upasika Norum toward the Sangha:

No, no. Its dokuwiki, similay to wiki pedia. Only txt-files, easy to do, Bhante. Bhante needs no it-skills at all, and Admin, Nyom Moritz, looks after IT (mathemathic dipl. ing.)

No money involved and 100% pure (on two sides purified, if Bhante understands)

Bhante could then later imbed the pages, or make redirect. No a new monk, spontanious going fouth came.

I am khmer monk in Viet Nam, I am done what I can do for khmer online community. if you want to do something on your page as the owner, just do it, I don’t care much.

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Again, my person isn't owner. Sangha is owner and nobody can give things of the Sangha away. Bhante is given to make use of what belongs to the Sangha. If he prefers to make use of what isn't given or wrong gained, also this is his choice, yet has deep consequences in regard of relation to the Gems.

I don’t care because it’s out of my sight, my control. I just can not do more than my ability. And I don’t understand what is your mean in the end, or you want me to attack the owner of suttacentrel?

See you later, have a nice day!

You always talk about khmer tipitaka, and I just told you where I am, is that wrong? Stop it, let show me the point.

May Bhante do as he think's it proper. Kana can not help him out.

If Bhante maybe later comes to mind and seeing the given and blessed way out, may Bhante always feel welcome to return to it.
--- End quote ---

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