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ការលួចចម្លងព្រះត្រៃបិដកខ្មែ Undertaking to copy-steal Khmer Tipitaka by SC-monks

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Once plunder, like fire when small, hasn't been stopped immediately, it will take all fast till it's gone, later it was "this evil" or that, or "if we wouldn't have done first, what would we had..."

It will not take long till fruits of evil, using "poor" for gains, will ripe. The fool thinks evil is sweet, laughs, thinking "easy gain", "good to relay on 'I have a right'", later his crying will not help.

It was a tiny path possible, so worth the many sacrifices, and some less had gained of what's hard to gain, became firm.

Every further effort would just increase the speed and cemeteries. No place where thieves not wait for their chance to take advantage of what is no more protected but means of consume.

What ever a fool might gain, learn, he would just use it to destoy his merits and increase pain in the world. Welcome to "free" world, as the globalization of grave wrong view, had already entered the last resort.

Of course they all in charge, informed, had not reacted, but continue the thief.


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