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Holding on parents, leader, unless going for higher


Atma just had to think on the aspirations of one of the great leader of the Khmer people to possible renounce his "duty".

While some may say, after one did much in the world, like parents: "May they rest and enjoy "pleasures" for the rest of their short life", Atma says, better to hold on them as long as possible unless they have desires to really renounce, of which would be of real benefit for them. What ever good child, firm in the Dhamma, would lead parents toward the holly life, while himself working on it, if not having left home yet.

May huge merits never be waste of by lay back on low pleasures and "securities" increasing debts.

May nobody desire to repay goodness just by low pleasures, may children always look to really doing toward gratitude of which pays back the goodness received.

It's not so, that even best parents or leader for their children, in all cases got heared the good Dhamma, even if it would be near to them.

Atma thinks good to be more direct. It's very needed that the Khmer children do in no case "allow" their big father, long term great leader, and master of first levels of peace and prosperty, to take rest and leave it up "youngstars" before not made peace with the Parithana incl. the flora, fauna, the Devas, Nagas, Brahmas, and what ever mighty has last refuge in last forests, since the younger wouldn't be capable in doing such at all and sacrifices toward Sasana, Brahmas, culture, and by it to virtue and harmlessness first. Do be able to do such merits, how ever, even a King, not only and much more, the honorable Acting Head, is required to have full support of his. children, people, if remembering the Sublime Buddhas last life.

May by turning toward virtue and care foremost within, a most praiseworthy real win-win gains visibility over the whole Univers.

May all the children of Khema heritage, act wise and don't even think to let their father, fathers go unless they desire to ordain.

As generation change will come about, how will all now get their parent to move toward Brahmacariya and toward the holy life?

With what ever service and sacrifices: the only way children are able to pay back the debt they owe, is by leading their parents to more higher, more sublime, into the fullness of the path to real Khmer, Khema, lasting peace, firm security.

Worthy to gain a very viral gratification:

--- --- Namo tassa bhagavato arahato sammā-sambuddhassa
Sole dominion over the earth,
going to heaven,
lordship over all worlds:
   the fruit of stream-entry
   excels them.

--- End quote ---
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May one of the last dhammic, and honorable leaders, find back where all success has been rooted, find the way 'back' into the Juwels monastery. So that an auspicious existence becomes the real and highes win-win success.


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