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Downloads: The Nude Monk's Burning Robes -

The Nude Monk's Burning Robes -

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A critique about modern Theravada Buddhism based on Na-Uyana Forest Monastery, Sri Lanka. - "Dedicated to those who seek and cherish the truth, no matter how bitter it may turn out to be . . . "

Expected Comments

"œI must admit, this writing reveals an ugly reality that I always pretend not to see. I never thought these will be revealedbefore my escape to next life."
"” Ven. Vulnerable, escape specialist and co-founder of 'As Long As Samsara Exists' "”

"œAn awesome writing, gave me a sudden spark of momentary insight, followed by an euphoria."
"” Ms. Gene Tārā, author of I Am Getting Nowhere"”

"œA bias, malicious, and wicked writing. All accusations levelled in this writing are absolutely baseless and inaccurate.Utterly subjective and self-opinionated."
"” Ven. Terrible and gurus of 'Quick Fix Meditation Center' "”

"œSee! We always say not to be bookish. Should follow one's own citta, and everything will be fine."
"” Ajāhn Charismo, abbot of 'Wat A Bliss' "”

"œWho asked you to read this writing? It should be burned and banned! All those who involved should be imprisoned."
"” Ministry of Religious Affairs of Stone Age "”

"œAn embarrassing and unsuccessful attempt to touch the unthinkable wisdom of the commentators."
"” Aggamahāpaṇḍita Sayādaw U Scholastic, BA, MA, PhD, DLitt, author of Shortcut to Nibbāna: A Whole New Path "”

"œA perfect example of Theravada's inability for a deep engagement with the society."
"” Master Bo Sato, abbot of 'Ten Thousands Gold Bars' "”

"œThis is the worst writing I have ever seen in my life. This writing doesn't fit into any library. Some severe and permanent measure has to be taken to ban it. If any librarian is still keeping it, even they did so many courses on library science, theydon't see, may be blind!"

"” Ven. Miserable, author of Quick Guide to Rules and Rituals in 7 Days "”

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[English] The Nude Monk's Burning Robes