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Posted by: Johann
« on: September 19, 2023, 08:34:57 PM »

Nyom stayed most of the time alone. Only morning short to the Sala, given the Alms rest, returned. At noon she visited the building side again, and gave occasion to get hear very straight forward words about things as they really 'are'.
Still much busy in looking after children, phone, land, yet seriously thinking about renouncing. "It's not easy."

Ideas of thinking to get a ride to the city, to fix open things first, at the weekend, came up. Doubts, fears, can be dismantled by talks, yet, if a minute alone, away from defense (Dhamma), Mara has alwas an ease.

In the evening, like Atma suggested, she seeked to meet the village chief, to inform about her stay.

After that she shortly came up in the near dark. Maybe just to get her phone or fearing to walk in the dark, she hurried to get down again.

It's not easy to stick hard on Sacca, yet there is only this way.

As she left home, she actually had no idea where to go. Like most coming here, it's usually a more mature desire for a way out.
Posted by: Johann
« on: September 18, 2023, 06:42:33 PM »

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[Original post:]

At noon a woman drived with her motor taxi till the Sala, of which caused them to be heavy rebuked about such behaviour and send away, told where to find the entrance, if wishing to visit.

Short later the woman from near the air port asked to stay some days. Made clear that this isn't a social or wellness institution so that gaining power to do on as usual and that she would be alone here, she nevertheless wished so on further.

Family troubles... She got a Kuti where she spend the day alone, and evening she asked to use the time for meditation.

If all holds like this after being encouraged to abound smartphone tomorrow, then maybe a practicing person for the next time here. Let's see. But already great to be able to overcome fear of loneliness and dwelling in the forest.

Atma didn't gave much time for her at all till now.