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Posted by: Johann
« on: March 07, 2023, 12:39:33 AM »

As a wave of fruits of merits will meet the Land of Wonders the next period, before really huge challenges, swept in by the waveas well, will get visible as well: May all place right view, gratitude, parents, elders, their leader for long time, always first, and inspect the huge amount of fruits good, get not caught in self-complacency. May all look after their duties first and never get caught by adds of "You have a right" and demo-cracy in times when it's a gift to still have authorities of the old and wise.

May many spend as much as possible time outside of medias and Maras foremost fool-catching Net, spend much time in doing just their own duties and assist near of them, right infront, so that a very alive motion of unity will not decay.

Or like Atma often asks children, spending most time devoted to devices: "If you are hungry, who gives you to eat? Youtube, facebook, games, the phone? Who takes care when being sick?"

May all long, not only enjoy the care of elders, but also don't forget to give them leave and space. For it requires giving from below upwardly, so that it serveslong term prosperity, never works well when the other direction starts to become usual and grows to demand, within only short time.

Neither those in/on front, nor those behind, have any joy, live without Gods, having consume and 'ease' as only refuge, and old merits are fast gone while basic skills got lost even in more fast speed.

May many focus on own home work first, make their own near sphere beauty and without harm and dirt, inwardly as well and foremost, instead of looking out for home-delivery, cheap junk food, wellness- and fitness-centers.

Where ever crowded areas, wher ever most popular and a magnetic for the majority, good to avoid, good to care on neare and those next. The more equal in virtues and qualities, the better. Let those eager after games and battles, battle till exhausted. No need to provide fuel at any time, for aging, sickness and death are clear to win over them all, even again and again, who did not take a heritage as a boat to cross over while maintaining it proper and well, with care.