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Topic Summary

Posted by: Johann
« on: April 02, 2019, 12:08:32 AM »

My person thinks that there is a certain great potency to work something out for a long term use for good benefit for many in dedication toward the Sangha.

But of course it is not sure whether the potency of those good intented might be enough.

As possible recongized (yet for most Khmer people not even an issue, because simply not aware) the proper breaking of words plays a g role in all transcriptions to be of use and to be not depending on certain commercial and worldly indebting support.

Since the whole required in regard of word dictionaries to handle such has it's origin by the Sangha, there might be ways to organice the source in proper ways and not by usual "hacks".

My person thinks that Mr. Nathan ( sungkhum ) might have certain experiances, yet in modern ordinary ways gained.

Nyom Cheav Villa might have ways, possible already did, to try to ask for such as the Chou Nath dictionary as text or transport the issue in proper ways to those who might be able to ask.

To add the needed Pali as well, which might be included in many texts of long term benefical use for many, it is possible to use the Pali-index of the CSCD the Sangha is gifted, yet certain look over, in regard of traditional writting pattern is required, which, if being that compassionate, Bhante Indaññāno could help with, if getting the issue proper explained (for he might not understand for now).

Nyom Moritz may be able to help in regard of making a script using a possible huge word collection.

Yet of course those are just thoughts and pointers, and nobody should feel burdened by this conncentration here, or even urged. And good things always require patient, yet not losing or let it run wrong focused. No urgency that requires to let go of virtue and ones duties.

May it be how ever a fruitful indroduction for this topic.

If such could come into existence it's maybe possible to share a "for Dhammic and good puposes and non-commercial use" (given for and by the Buddhas Sangha) online converter.