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Topic Summary

Posted by: Johann
« on: November 04, 2017, 07:50:44 AM »

Nicht sicher ob ausreichend. Endlosarbeit... dieses Stylen. Atma hat für die Mahavagaseiten auch einen neuen Sprachlink angelegt. Sicher noch nicht perfekt gestyled. Sehr zeitraubend, wenn man damit beginnt.

Alte css-File als Sicherung:

Posted by: Johann
« on: November 03, 2017, 01:43:36 PM »

Alles hier auf 10x10 cm Bildschirm hier tuend und naturlich entsprechend "Augenschmerzen", investiert Atma gerade seine dürftigen Kenntnisse, um das Layout mehr "responsable" für Mobilgeräte, lesefreundlicher zu machen. Speziell was Schriftgröße betrifft. Feedback, Kritik und Tipps immer willkommend, vielleicht sogar von Profis.

Altes Layout und neues (soweit). Menübalken benötigt noch passende Konzentration im "hacken".

Gerne auch Feedback zur Desktopversion, ebenfals kleine Änderungen.

Atma hat Chrom und Firefox Mobil Browser, sowie Android-Standard zur Verfügung. Desktop und andere nicht.
Posted by: Harry
« on: February 25, 2016, 09:18:59 AM »

Quote from: Samana Johann
Feedback ist sehr erwünscht, was das Layout aber auch die Anwenderfreundlichkeitssteigerung

Nun war ich schon länger nicht mehr da und muss feststellen das sich die Bedienungsfreundlichkeit hier sehr verbessert hat.

Sadhu und Danke.
Posted by: Johann
« on: February 23, 2016, 05:59:17 PM »

Diese Sektoren Bezuge sind "wundervoll", damit kann man so ziemlich alles treiben, ohne groß das html zu ändern.

Atma hat sich erlaubt die Fußnoten, wie schon lange "ersehnt", zu entschärfen, obgleich diese irgendwie ein Markenzeichen für einen ATI-Text waren. Deshalb auch gerne um Feedback, wenn die mächtigen Klammern lieber waren. Abstände sind damit nun auch nicht mehr nötig und Zeichen werden nicht mehr aufeinandere picken, im Gegenteil viel händisches ist damit wieder zurück zu bringen, das die Fußnoten nicht wie hingestellt und nicht abgeholt aussehen, wenn davor ein Leerraum ist.

Code: [Select]
a[href^="#fn-"] {
Posted by: Johann
« on: February 23, 2016, 01:27:21 AM »

Made some additional edits in css. Tried to make it a little better for mobile devices, since it is a very poor browser that Atma has to test and the way of work is more a test by test rather a knowledge based, it a little bit limited.
To get something useful, its maybe good to write a "new" css for mobiles since the mobile browser seems not accept many kinds of stylings. How ever, here are the terrible hacks so far, but merely a test field.

Code: [Select]
@media screen and (max-width: 680px) {
#H_crumbtrail {position:fixed;top:2px;left:0px;float:left;width:initial;}
#H_search {position:fixed;top:2px;right;0px;z-index:0;float:right;width:initial;}
#F_langSymbol_de {position:fixed;top:2px;clear:right;width:35px;}
#F_reload {right:0px;text-align:right;float:right}
input[type=text] {width:100px;position:relative;top:2px;right:1px;}
/*input[type="submit"] {position:relative;top:30px;right:1px;}*/

Posted by: Johann
« on: February 22, 2016, 06:04:59 AM »

Sure it works, just that the position of background is defined somewhere else. The text included version would not work since it is about the background image.

Added a.back:target and a.back:hover:target

Code: [Select]
a.back {
background:url('img/up1.gif') 0 0 no-repeat;
padding-bottom:4px; /*zze addition to lift the sign up to be not hidden half*/
a.back:target {
background:url('img/up1.gif') 0 65px no-repeat;

a.back:hover {
background:url('img/up1-hover.gif') 0 0 no-repeat;
a.back:hover:target {
background:url('img/up1-hover.gif') 0 65px no-repeat;

Added also a bottom for normal anchors, so its now real nice to see and no more so difficult like before.

Code: [Select]
:target {
border-bottom:2px solid #4d94ff;
Not sure about the color, but that is Atma guesses just a matter of getting used to it. The background of the menu area is set white again.
Atma trusts that it look better now.
Posted by: Johann
« on: February 22, 2016, 04:55:24 AM »

Code: [Select]
a.back:target {
The info, inspirations and simply ideas have been maybe enough. Seems to work. Does its?
No. Just puts it behind the transparent part. How could it possible.
Posted by: Johann
« on: February 22, 2016, 04:41:53 AM »

Sadhu! That's exactly what Atma thought that it must exist, but the people I asked denied. The class idea was one I thought of also, great that Upasaka have found that.
Posted by: Anonymous Ape
« on: February 22, 2016, 12:15:48 AM »

So far it also seems to work to just add
Code: [Select]
:target {
  padding-top: 65px; }
to the CSS, so this applies to all elements when they are targeted by an anchor link, and this idea of using a new class "anchor" was not necessary.

It does not seem to change the layout in any way, except for the case when the targeted element is an <a class="back"> "back to the top" link, which has the upward arrow as a background image. The image is then displayed 65 pixels above its usual place when one jumps to it through an anchor link.
So in this case one should maybe remove the anchor id from the "back to top" arrow element and put it inside some normal text part where this problem does not occur. Or maybe somehow one could change the css for the <a class="back"> somehow that it works with the new :target css which would make it all easier and not necessary to change thousands of html files then.

Maybe not the best topic to get lost thinking about much for too long. But just mentioning for the case that someone with more experience in this has an idea.
Posted by: Anonymous Ape
« on: February 21, 2016, 09:33:37 PM »

I have found a possible solution for this which so far seems to be working in Firefox and Google Chrome.

By defining a new css class
Code: [Select]
.anchor:target {
  padding-top: 65px; }
and then adding to all the targets the class="anchor".

I am not quite sure, however how "correct" this actually is and that the "padding-top" should not actually change the spaces between the elements in the actual layout in some cases. So not quite sure, as I have the impression that definitions of new HTML and CSS standards always change and one can search a lot on the many Q&A sites about problems like this or others and various "tricks" that people use, but usually always there is some doubt and some caveats.

It could take a lot of time to include this in all files. I have downloaded it all and will try to change it.
Posted by: Johann
« on: January 24, 2016, 08:59:12 PM »

Quote from: Answer via email to Mr. C by Johann
Quote from: Mr. C., via email on 03.01.2016

I would write about the CSS (style sheet) used in [1]

If someone posts a link like (for example) [2] it is difficult to see what is being linked to: because the target (i.e. #turban1) is at the top of the page, however the top of the page is partially hidden (is confused) by the header/banner, which includes the crumb-trail and the search input and which is also stuck to the top of the window.

On any Access to Insight page, the banner (the crumb trail and search input) scroll (away off the top of the browser window) when the whole page content is scrolled (so they don't interfere with content and the page looks clean).

On zugangzureinsicht they use position:fixed to remain at the top of the browser window when the rest of the page content is scrolled.

I find this makes it difficult to see a link to within the page. And, seeing text (i.e. content and header) interfering with each other looks like a rendering bug, as if the site were broken or is not intended for my browser (I'm using Chrome on a PC).

If you have elements with fixed position at the top of the browser window, perhaps the content should be in a div underneath that banner. The top of that content div would start underneath the header and wouldn't scroll (its contents would scroll).

Or rethink your decision to make the the header fixed position, and instead let it scroll off the top of the browser window as it does in Access to Insight.


Valued Upasaka C.,


Atma is aware of the problem but could not find a simple solution aside of the "transparent" trick. It was changed a time a go since when one works a lot, its cost a lot of time to scroll when menu or searchbox are useful at a point. How ever, Atma is also not happy. The problem is that the head divisions are inside and not before others and one more thing, they are single division (which is also even more worse in regard of mobile devices, Atma could not do a good fix till now). The most possible way would be to change the htmls and structure, but Atma does not have the traffic and also not the hardware capacity to download all pages (about 6000 single pages) and handle them local  for now. For info its maybe also good to know, that Atma had not the smallest idea about all this IT and html stuff 3 years ago before he took care of zze and the whole page is made page by page in "hand work" without any special software.
Most excellent would be to reorganize the head and also the menu (which could give much more accessibility). Ideas are many of course, but technical and in regard of skills a little handicap. At least, Atma wouldn't find it proper to invest even more time in such technical service task, given that his body is maintained by Dana and for sure not thought to become an IT specialist. Really no excuse, such things are most "disturbing" for my person as well.

Atmas mind stays how ever on it, and when ever he comes across an idea, he will suddenly use any possibility to change it and of course any hints and ideas are more then welcome.
The questions which reflect Upasakas thought have been raised at the time the changes took place [ZzE] Layout News - Bitte um Feedback / please give feedback

Simply back to fix: the comparing is between the benefit of the fix menu (for local desktops and much work, great) and its backwards for links on anchors and generally for mobile devices. Sought to think more on people who use it often an serious rather then thinking of serving people who just like to see quick an information even in hurry in the bus, Atma still thinks that to prefer the first kind might be better even it may not be attractive to people on broad. As told, perfect is always when it serve as many.

Atma has also no possibility to fix and render things looking into other browsers and has "just" firefox and a very old explorer version. So either hardware also software Atma is able to use on this lend zze/sangham purpose laptop is for the most 10 years old and older (some would even not remember this times :) ). Still it works at large, but will for sure not enable to excel certain nowadays usual service standards. Just in small things, Atma guesses "hacked" is the labeling for such "only an hammer and an axe"-work on complex things.

Thanks again for the hints and critics and the cause that Atma gives a good amount of "keeping in mind resources" on it again.

metta & mudita

Samana Johann


Posted by: Johann
« on: June 19, 2015, 10:35:55 AM »

Atma hat sich erlaubt das Layout der Seiten etwas zu ändern, und die Menü-Zeile fixiert, sodaß man stets (außer im Lesemodus) darauf zurückgreifen kann.

Feedback ist sehr erwünscht, was das Layout aber auch die Anwenderfreundlichkeitssteigerung (?) betrifft. Bitte auch andere Browser und Mobilgeräte testen, Atma hat dazu keine Möglichkeit.

Vielleicht mag man auch über die Abstimmungsmöglichkeit hier, seine Neigung dazu ausdrücken. Sreenshots (so wie es für Atma erscheint) im Anhang.

Atma allowed him self to edit the layout of the pages a little and made the tool bar fixed that one can use it all the time (except in read mod)

Feedback is very appreciated in regard of layout but also in regard of accessibility and practical use increasing. Please test it also with different browsers. Atma does not have the possibility to do so.

Maybe you also like to make use of the poll to express you inclination in regard of it. Sreen-shorts (like it appears for my person) are attached.