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Title: [DD][Forum] Buddhismus Stake Exchange
Post by: Johann on January 05, 2016, 07:32:58 PM
Buddhism beta ( is a relatively new topic of the Stack Exchange Inc. (, a answer providing internet company which uses the effort of people to create searchable content for advertising contacts.

Info about it (

Quote from: Moderator team
Welcome to Buddhism.SE!

We're glad you are here. Please take the time to read this post through. Whether you're here seeking answers to questions on Buddhism or to share your knowledge by answering others' questions, just a few minutes spent reading the information below can help make your stay beneficial to all.

Buddhism.SE is different from discussion forums.

Instead of long discussions about specific topics, we're all about answering your question in a direct manner. When someone asks a question here, the idea is that they are looking for a "best answer". So speculative questions like "What would happen if..." or survey questions like "Does anyone else experience [X] during meditation?" are not well suited to this site.

Its has been requested by Stake Exchange Citizen and is of course bond to there supplying company and their objectives and intentions which includes, as its nature, trade. Keep in mind that what ever you contribute is free to be sold (especially when you quote something)

How ever, there is a real obligated and motivated Moderator team which is, in this kind, very seldom in many aspects and there are not that much Mahayana - Theravada troubles but always a good tendency to give good and correct answers. Having been there one needs to tell about such moderators like ChrisW ( who is really outstanding in his work, but also many others and you are fast totally involved it you like.

The system of this software is very useful and well thought designed and could be actually very useful to provide a good Dhamma asking and teaching environment. Of cause trade has its limits and of course it attracts merely people who are seeking for Buddhims 2.0 and secular approaches (lay people as well as monastics) and obligated, as citizen, they have there limits in thoughts to be able to keep their livelihood maintaining an existence there.

If you love to answer questions in Dhamma and support others, its a nice place and does of course bound you fast. Also in regard of questions, you give good opportunities for your self and others to serve.

If you even can manage them something so that they could freely and without bad conscience share in the same way like there, it would be surely a help.
Title: [DD] Buddhism-StakeExchange - Question and Answer community
Post by: Johann on April 24, 2018, 10:47:51 PM

A probably merely secular, lay-people maintained, "school-liberal" Buddhist Q&A community, primarily founded by Bhante Yuttadhammo (,206.0.html) and his disciples on a large commercial Q&A platform, with a high rate of young participants and seekers from Asian threshold countries and of course most somehow strong in IT business and internet-trade involved.

Most passioned and devoted moderator of the Buddhism-SE moderator team: Upasaka @ChrisW

Quote from: old OP
Atma came once across the community Buddhism-SE ( ( which provides an environment to ask and answer questions around what is known as Buddhism.

The relatively new "service" and community consist of many voluntary people who are eager to answer questions and prepare them in a way that they are broadly accessible. Generally all members and participator are very obligated and help each other in the best way and the software and performance is actually perfect for teaching and questioning purposes.

The only Dhammic problem is that one actually shares his given content to the web site owner who lives buy what ever content is given to his side by trading traffic for advertising and other commercial uses. That means contend (Dhamma) needs to be given as consciously "for commercial use" as well, which limits the use of Dhamma in line of Dhamma hardly and also easily misleads people who think positively but rather naively.

The moderators and maintainers who are on field have actually no real position to perform or design there place but are bound to work for the benefit and objectives of the site owner which has also certain impact on the quality Dhamma in line of Dhamma and is therefore mostly attractive for secular misinterpretations of the Dhamma. There are how ever also contributors who have certain experiences and knowledge in regard of Dhamma.

If one likes to learn by giving, aside of its limitations in regard of Dhamma as a gift, and how it is best for the giver and receiver, its a good place for lay people to grow by doing service for others.

Here attached a practical scan of intentions, purposes and state of community awareness in regard of possible interaction with monastic members.

Aramika   *

Dieses neue Thema wurde  aus abgetrennten Beiträgen, ursprünglich in Question and anwer pipeline between monastic and lay communities on internet (,  hier zu einem neuen eröffnen. Für ev. ergänzende Informationen zur Herkunft, sehen Sie bitte das Ursprugsthema ein. Anumodana!

The new topic here is made from one or more post from there Question and anwer pipeline between monastic and lay communities on internet ( For eventual additionally information to this new Topic, please visit also the Topic of origin. Anumodana!

Johann   *

Old Topic has been moved to Personal Experiences - [Persönliche Erfahrungen] sabhāgaṭṭhāna ( (

May those gather there, tend there and who are bond there, under the spiritual father of Bhante Yuttadhammos heritage, find always and quick of what they are seeking for and may there always prosperity of skillful undertakings be born of it, in this Brahma-host.
Title: Re: [DD][Forum] Buddhismus Stake Exchange
Post by: Johann on July 28, 2019, 11:52:07 AM
Quote from: Johann via email
Leaving Buddhism-SE , returning offerings

Valued Site owner, Valued community manager,
Mr. John Ericson
Mrs. Catheriene  Kuck,

althought currently kindly invited by Mrs. Catherine, mentioning on behave of the owner, my person thought and thinks that it is better to give back this invitation (,9313.0.html) as it is possible with strings (my person is not given to accept such gifts and also does not once perceived or in doubt of absence).

While it could be that your gift is actually purely given (althought it could have happened accidently with other objectives motivating it), which my person of course likes to assume, it is how ever not a gift your dependencies, moderators and most dominant users on BSE find respect-worthy, pleasing and since the is no wish of any relation, harshment, bias and acts of ill-will again and again lead to "kills", "censure" and "thievish" actions, all of which there is a lot of self-harm.

This community, not respecting the Tripple Gems, not respecting copyright, not respecting any authority in relation of the source they nurish on, is not a suiteable place for shares, or as a "teacher" would say to parents who send their child to a master: "It could not benefit, would not learn anything", since it does not respect and love the teacher (Tripple Gems, parents).

Having come to this discrimination of the situation, after 4 years+ patiently ways with all of the three kinds of ways ("sugar", "urging", "smooth") my person has recently resolved to turn away finally.

Having started to remove not received or rejected content in questions and answers, althought those contend is, was, rejected and "blocked", moderators, are disrespecting such either, restore changes and deleted content and block any access by deactivating the account.

Of course my person whould not turn toward any means to hinder someone in grave wrong doings, even and especially in legal ways, but simply mention of what would be good to do, for ones long term happiness. In this manner:

It would be good if my person would not be hindered to remove unwished content (inaccepted, rejected) as well content which obiviously do not fit to your objectives, since it is not allowed to share teachings for commercial purpose and also endangers legal right of original authors (it known that SE does not care much in regard of misuse even within their objectives as long it serves their gains). There should be less till know removing of given upvote, downvote, reputations for others, since nearly not having made use of such generally.

It would be also good, if after having given my person to clean up the used in proper ways, that you then would remove all relations, of the left over content, to the community of monks, Sangha, and my person.

It would be good if the undertaking mentioned, could be done for all accounts (which are not merged yet)

As told, this are of course just encouragements without any claims of any right or demands which may possible deprive you of what you perceive as your own, even if it wouldn't be or if taken on without being given (stolen).

May you also understand that my person would not speak or engage with any of your voluntary moderators on BSE (since in not even technical or management regard qualified) and it solvely left over your authority, to what ever extend you may be given such, to act, assuming that such would be on behalf of the owner (even if just a apparent or ostensible authority). The voluntary moderator team and related members can be seen as being "overturned the bowl" (meaning rejected to make offerings, as a given means of reaction of behaviour disregarding Buddha, or Dhamma, Sangha, wishing for non resistance of monks, or wishing for the lose of monks... such meets of cource all who are dwelling in dependency of them)

May this be a graspable possibility of good choices, bringing you and many long term benefit, and may all your good undertakings show their fruits always visible so that conviction toward skillful, harmless, can grow and lead straight to you best well-being.

(attached the last communication with the communities stackholders. Communication will be public published on, so that the community of monks and lay followers stay well informed. Community moderators are notified by mention.)

metta & mudita (goodwill & joy with others good attainings)
Samana Johann
(One may feel welcome to visit



We're writing in reference to your Buddhism Stack Exchange account:

You have recently removed or defaced a lot of content from your posts. Please note that once you post a question or answer to this site, those posts become part of the collective efforts (?) of others who have also contributed to that content. Posts that are potentially useful to others should not be removed except under extraordinary circumstances. Even if the post is no longer useful to the original author, that information is still beneficial to others who may run into similar problems in the future - this is the underlying philosophy of Stack Exchange.

Extensive deletions take a lot of effort to repair; please read "I've thought better of my question; can I delete it?" for possible alternatives. We have placed your account on hold for 7 days while we reach out to you to avoid any further misunderstandings. Once this matter has been resolved, your reputation score will be restored and your account will resume as normal.

We sincerely hope this is just a misunderstanding, but if you feel you have an exceptional reason to remove this content then let us know by replying to this message. If you'd prefer, you can contact Stack Exchange directly through the 'contact us' link at the bottom of the site.

Buddhism Stack Exchange Moderation Team

** Johann:**
My person removes unwished content (non of receided gift are removed, why should one do such), and of course is in no way related to you stackholders here as well would not respect any of your dishonest and disrespecting actions.

Further such actions are strongly related to disregard "autonomy" and are simple, not only in regard of kammic effects simply thievish actions.

Stop being a little girl already. Jesus Christ, can you grow up?


link to published communication will follow as last replay. ️✔