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Title: Temporary dwelling for the Venerables of Wat Preah Khun - place for inspiration
Post by: Sophorn on January 28, 2020, 05:20:57 PM

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Many thanks to U. Lay and her husband. Bhante was actually happy to be asked how the Sangha was doing after the construction started.  Sadhu. Mudita.
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Title: Re: Temporary dwelling for the Venerables of Wat Preah Khun
Post by: Johann on January 28, 2020, 08:25:54 PM
Sadhu for sharing, Nyom Sophorn

Quote from: Upasika Sophorn in another topic (,9710.msg21738.html#msg21738)
The timing was also good since tomorrow [e.g. today] the building will be demolished and rebuilt. The plan is a 5 floor building. Tomorrow the construction will be started.  May this undertaking will be well and safe for the Sangha. _/\_

Just to inform a little: Wat Preah Khun (google-map address: 7P36GRVJ+FX )was once a Dhammayut Wat. Like many Wats, after the short unification of the Sanghas at Vietnamese times after the war, the Order didn't gained most back. Like here, only a single Building stays garanted for the Dhammayut Sangha, and not even an own key to enter and leave the monastery..

Now, as informed, devoted had organized to build a five stage Building on the Saala part. But to live there next, sure a half year or more, isn't well at all, for all, also the builder.

And they are hopefully not build on the old building!! That would be very wrong and dangerous! No harmless way, looking from far, that a five floor building would be possible well on an old Saala build on mud there! Sure it is not even found on pillars. So if not wishing to read certain news soon, good to inform, if not knowing.

Atma just came to mind that in the street of Upasika Lay many large houses are empty and its still a silent street. Maybe even Nyoms Cousin would be inspired if hearing from a possibility (actually house perfect for such).

At least there are sure a lot to rent for some month.

Their dwelling would be much better and behind the houses there are still open areas, maybe possible to use. Not to speak of safty, health... for the people there more then a gain.

Atma guesses that there are 25 + Venerables who would need to dwell the time next dirt on 120m2, not to speak about Vinaya conflicts, Bhikkhus with Samanera...

Just thought.

(Something Atma never understood, but everywhere usual, building with millions and not much thoughts how monks would spend times of disturbance...)
Title: Re: Temporary dwelling for the Venerables of Wat Preah Khun - place for inspiration
Post by: Johann on February 04, 2020, 06:07:19 AM
Yesterday it happended to be able to visit the Abbott in the monastery after hospital visit.

The building is designed as a 6 floor tower, seemingly with technical calculation and in acceptable standard. How ever, if the progress goes well 1,5 till 2 years building time can be expected. A time merely guarding less progress and much dukkha for outside for the monks.

The situation how the 25 monks are thought to spend their times is even more worse, dwelling on two stores in two room, 3m from the building side in rooms each of 40 m2.

Taking the cost of the sacrifices toward form, real benefical merits toward the thought object might be 2% of the effort to give them a "normal" living condition for 2 years.
Title: Re: Temporary dwelling for the Venerables of Wat Preah Khun - place for inspiration
Post by: Johann on February 26, 2020, 09:07:06 AM
As it was foreseeable, it already came so far. Having now no real dwelling, no meeting place and get more and more involved in worldly issues (the building is also stopped), issues of power and politic, maybe some like to look another time for a minimum interim proper dwelling to not only cool the situation but let things be made just by those in charge of it, in their sphere.

It would be good when the Venerables would have a dwelling for the next two, three years, till their "final" dwelling might be prepeared, if, or better even an area to install a new monastery.

What about the merely empty old Monastery of the Nuns? Maybe omeone likes to tell the Nuns of Maha Panna Foundation about the issue that the ~ 25 scholar monks of Wat Sophea Khun, not far from them, are now without dwelling.

Maybe Nyom Cheav Villa could inform them about the issue and let them act how they feel fit and proper to the heritage.

And in regard of a possible house to use, maybe Nyom Sophorn can again tell her relatives about the issue and that it needs quick cooling down and wise alternative.