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Downloads: On Ordaining Bhikkhunis Unilaterally - a critic on Bhikkhu Anālayo's works

On Ordaining Bhikkhunis Unilaterally - a critic on Bhikkhu Anālayo's works

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On Ordaining Bhikkhunīs Unilaterally

Ṭhānissaro Bhikkhu


In an article entitled, “On the Bhikkhunī Ordination Controversy,” Bhikkhu Anālayo makes several points with regard to the validity and desirability of the ordination of bhikkhunīs in the Theravāda tradition at present. Because the article is aimed, in part, at refuting a position I took in The Buddhist Monastic Code, volume two (BMC2), I would like to examine the arguments it uses to support its refutation.
The article falls into two parts, the first part considering the validity of

attempts to revive bhikkhunī ordination; the second part, the desirability of these attempts. I will treat the two parts separately. However, some basic principles bearing on the question of bhikkhunī ordination will underlie my entire discussion, so for the sake of clarity and emphasis I want to state them at the outset.

Comments and diskussions can be made in the forum: On Ordaining Bhikkhunis Unilaterally - a critic on Bhikkhu Anālayo's works